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CHD's No (-) Health Bonus and DV's (-) Health Bonus

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@nikos32 @GM_Thanos @Majesty @Observer

As the title says, I am here to negotiate on CHD's and DV's negative health bonuses.

                       CHD Facts:                                              DV Facts:

As you might guess, at the first line, I showed how both weapon's bonuses look at the panel. Second and third lines express how their bonuses look in-game and how they actually effect the health and mana. On the panel Dark Vane weapon does not seem like it is giving negative hp and mp bonuses, but it actually does in-game, as you can see from the images. However, CHD does not give negative health bonus in panel nor in-game. As far as I remember, and if there is no opposite view, CHD used to give negative health bonus since the beginning of its first update in KO history. And if so, I will be asking for you to either delete the negative hp and mp bonus of Dark Vane weapon, or add negative health bonus to the CHD.

I am looking forward to hear your thoughts. 

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