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Dionysos and subs Ban Appeal

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Dear Nikos, owner of the server;


A while ago, my main account Dionysos and all other sub accounts belongs to me banned unlawfully. We are expecting from your judges (İ mean other gm's) respect the rules that written and applied by you. As players we are expecting from you to control your judges for appliying the rules on over us.


Lets check what i mean,


In End User Agreement, article 4 paragraph j

(j) Multiple Accounts. Currently, each Player, User, or Member is permitted to register more than one account. However, The Company reserves the right to limit the number of Accounts each Player may register.

As your rules i have multiple accounts. And as far as i know you do not limit the number of accounts players can get yet.


In Rules of Conduct


Using macro is illegal and as for first strike you jail, second strike is jail again and third strike is permanent ban.

This is the rules that you should apply to all users  in justice.

In my accounts:

-Dionysos - never get jailed.

-Cemo - get jailed once and second strike is directly ban. (I was also quit when he got first punishment, but after your update of  Jackpot noah rates have been increased. I was just wanted to try and feed back to you, i tried on saturday morning i got 145m/hour and it wasn't like updated. I tried at night and get cought. After i got the number i will feedback to you on the main subject on here. I didnt even transfer.)

when Cemo get jailed, i dont know why but your gm is act like he has personal issues with all of my accounts. He is not over the  rules, he should act like he is.

I am pretty sure now he/your will defend him/his self that the way we call drama. He will say you get warned and jailed before with you different multiple accounts.

Yes you are correct but in your EUA and Code of  conduct each account refers to hisself for this matter. Not the owner.

If you wanted to mean that owners are responsible on all acts that they have different accounts, you wrote the codes as you write in item/money selling as below.



AS you clearly see on the other code you apply. If i sell/buy items with out of game currencies that you have right to ban all my accounts.


In the highway from Κήποι to Θεσσαλονίκη there are 4 pay tolls instead of  speed radars. Everybody knows that why drivers goes to the highway in Hellas. And on that way there are 3 speed radar points which has warning signs before 500 and 250 meter the radar. When you cought by radar what you get? as a driver? nothing. The sign of the car has the penalty and he just pays the penalty. IF you not pay the tickets car will be towed to the garage, the driver will not get punished.


AS a respected owner this server, i suggest you choose one of the options below my dear friend @nikos32

Option 1-

Unban ing Dionysos and all sub characters that plays the game from Montenegro (I am the only one who plays, so diversity wins!)

Jail the ing cemo , jail him as should be for hers second strike. 


Option 2-

Give all my items to new starter for help in exchange my in game efforts up to 15 hour online by day. 

Refund my donations as the result of that you are not following the codes i sign when i was registering.

And if you choose this i suggest you to update your policies.


so much to say, Your Honor



Edited by Dionysos
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I banned your all of accounts, you can not offer suggestions because you were using bot, not macro.

And your accounts wont be unbanned.


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