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All effect you need to change style of Ko .

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Hi guys,
I heard many rogue players looking for these minor effects and most of links are broken what shared on other websites.
So, I'm here to share all minor effects with you.
Enjoy with it

SS: 9goVV3.jpg

donwload link : https://files.fm/u/sfhvztjd

2- It is not easy to see anything new from the priest's healing
I said I give you this patch, you will definitely like and nominate you with a golden color

1. Just copy folder ByErotic & Erotic & 3x file .
2. Paste at you folder KO and replace folder FX
3. And see when u login, Have Fun ^^

SS: Golden2.jpg






Download link : https://files.fm/u/wqcep3j2


3- Wings patch

Download : https://files.fm/u/3bxs48gn



3- I hope this cape likes it well and it has an attractive view

SS : p.png

* HOW TO INSTALL : take the folders from rar , then open "ITEM" in professionalko folder then Paste
Download Link: https://files.fm/u/9pnnmbj8

if you have any Problems to set up this effect just contact me .

Thank you for Reading




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