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22.08.2019 Updates / Güncellemeler / Actualizaciones

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  • Characters who are in Eslant zone and standing AFK for longer than 10 minutes will be automatically teleported in Moradon.
  • Pack/unpack option for Personal weapons has been added to Selith NPC in Moradon. The packaging voucher can be found in PUS.
  • Personal weapon restoration scroll has been added in PUS. A personal weapon that you burned in anvil, can now be restored at +1.
  • Auto loot scrolls have been added in PUS. Items from dead mobs in short distance are automatically looted.
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Premium Services have been removed from PUS and only the Vouchers remain.
  • Redeeming your Gold Premium Voucher now gives you a pack of Auto Loot scrolls too.
  • Instant level 60 item has been added in PUS. It increases your character's level up to 60 and resets your stat and skill points too.
  • Trina's Piece has been added on Orc Bandit Leader and Chaotic Orc Bandit Leader bosses.
  • NP Increase buff can now be removed if you double click on its icon while it's active.


  • Eslantta 10 dakikadan fazla AFK olan karakterler otomatik olarak moradona teleport olacaktır.
  • Personal Weaponlara paketleme veya paket açma seçeneği moradon Selith NPC ye eklenmiştir. Paket yapma kağıdını PUS dan alabilirsiniz
  • Personal Weapon yenileme kağıdı PUS a eklenmiştir. Anvilde upgrade yaparken yakılan Personal Weapon +1 olarak yenilenebilir.
  • Auto Loot Scroll PUS a eklenmiştir. Kısa mesafeden öldürülen moblardaki her şeyi lootlar.
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Premium Servisler PUS dan kaldırılmıştır. Sadece Voucher PUS da kalmıştır.
  • Gold Premium Voucher artık bir paket Auto Loot Scroll verecektir.
  • 60 level karakter boost PUS a eklenmiştir. Karakterinizi 60 levele yükseltir ve skill/stat puanları sıfırlar.
  • Trina's Piece Orc Bandit Leader ve Chaotic Orc Bandit Leader bosslarına eklenmiştir.
  • NP Increase buffun üzerine çift tıkladığınızda artık silinecektir.
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
  • Los personajes que esten  en slant + de 10min AFK serán teletransportados automáticamente en Moradon.
  • La opción de empaque / desempaque para armas personales se ha agregado a Selith NPC en Moradon. El voucher se puede encontrar en PUS.
  • Se ha agregado el Scroll de restauración de armas personales en PUS. Un arma personal que quemaste, ahora se puede restaurar a +1.
  • Se han agregado Scroll de autoloot en PUS. Los objetos de mobs muertos a corta distancia automáticamente se cogeran .
  • Los servicios Premium Gold / Silver / Bronze se han eliminado de PUS y solo quedan los Vouchers.
  • Canjear tu Gold Premium Voucher ahora también te trae un paquete de Scroll de autoloot.
  • Se ha añadido un Scroll lvl up 60 en PUS. Aumenta nivel de tu personaje hasta 60 y restablece tus estadísticas y puntos de habilidad también.
  • Se ha añadido Trina's Piece a los jefes de Orc Bandit Leader y Chaotic Orc Bandit Leader.
  • El aumento de NP ahora puede eliminarse si haces doble clic en su icono mientras está activo.


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ok I don't quite understand the meaning by (Personal Weapon restoration scroll)

do you mean all the pass personal that we've burned or after this update and from buying the Restoration scroll, will restored the once from now?

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3 minutes ago, Old Professional said:

ok I don't quite understand the meaning by (Personal Weapon restoration scroll)

do you mean all the pass personal that we've burned or after this update and from buying the Restoration scroll, will restored the once from now?

any personal weapon burned since June 21.

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45 minutes ago, Kaine said:

A little bit late with Autoloot. Now leave so much PPL the Server and now come the Personal Restoration Scroll and AutoLoot

You don't have to be so negative, we'll have a long winter as long as we keep updating the server and players keep supporting us.

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No body is perfect dude, not even GM, in the end we all only human, can't always do thing with 100% people agreeing , but we can only wait to make better update each time to see if things works out. 

yes there some part should've been done from day one but sometimes everything must always have there own reason behind it.

also his the Admin, your not.

He has the right to make his own Arrangement with his own Prospective.

Edited by Old Professional

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On 8/22/2019 at 11:29 PM, nikos32 said:

any personal weapon burned since June 21.

I don't even know actually how many I've burned, also I need answers for this solution,:

I never upgraded all Personal with the same character,  how am I suppose to realise how many I should buy with the restoration scroll?

also would it be affected if we use the scroll on a different character since I have no clue how many or what character I upgrade on with.

and I got to say Niko: since we have to pay for it also it was already a item that we had, shouldn't it be at least at +3 or +4?


while you said (Any personal weapon burned since June the 21St) most of us assumed your meaning was all personal and not 1 restoration scoll just for 1 Personal#


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ok Niko: your update is a good thing and I totally Agree that Atross/Riots should drop (Bravery rewards) but I have to say, it isn't working so well with the (Bravery rewards) as Represented the way it is.

You have to understand that, to get 1x rewards = 5minutes to stay at Bowl with out being killed.


but problem is this is a game that people login for some section with actions, not by sitting around or running in Circles at Bowl just to wait to get (Bravery rewards).

you also have to understand KnightOnline has always been run by Turkish players at most.

for that particular reason you would have 1 time zone almost with out much of action in CZ but to Sit in Bowl, killing nothing more but Mobs or Boss.( if you could find just enough to make a party of 5-8 players)

1, if it has to stay as (Bravery rewards) I suggest you should Knock down -500x rather then 2000. also there's many ways to Simplify the cost of 2000 or even more if you wanted to stay this way

(can do who ever defeated "somebody" will gets a PK stone like always + 1Bravery rewards for the one who made the kill?) that way people could actually want to make more action to simplify with their mindset of achieving the (2000) also if you would take this as a compliment and consideration : ( I would add more then 2000) maybe (2000-5000)

because this is a real action cost of Value + speed to Gain a reward so that people would understand it will only bring in more action.

the 5minutes waiting thing is just a wrong idea to do so, it won't help the server to receive more action but to give the chance for Tarts to login and hide themselves at Bowl with an AFK characters or as I can see is (Boring people out)


2, make EVENTS, BDW/FT/LNS/JM Winning nation achieve 10,20 or 30 (Bravery) with the rest of the rewards?


3, some people made suggestions with the Mobs dropping it: like Atross, Riots, which I understand this update has already done so, ( I strongly disagree because you will only cause more Drama for a party by looting Junk while killing Bosses) or Perhaps some gets a trina while killing it and others didn't even wanna receive the Bravery rewards while it was in a party of real action at the same time for killing bosses.

(Also could linger on to problems with the right looting), because numbers are limited in the game of time (ZONE) such as partying with just enough of players to do something.

Trusting people isn't just about 1 or another but to only having enough players to PK With, so most of the time you have to add Randoms and then you get looted Junk while you been waited so long to get a drop.

By saying this it doesn't mean the update was a wrong idea, because it wasn't, but unless you can make automatically receiving on all party members as such, then that's a bad Situation for party members.

I can also tell you if you change it this way, I don't think people would complain on turning it to (5000),

you could always make 1 Atross = 2 or 3 (Bravery rewards) of receiving and,

                                                 1Riots = 1 or 2(Bravery rewards) of receiving (Rather then being able to Loot)

the way you done it more or less are for solo players who kills Atross/Riots while there's no action.


you see if this is the way then 5000 (Bravery rewards) would actually work well rather then playing as a AFK char online at bowl.

Edited by Old Professional

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