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06.08.2019 Updates / Güncellemeler / Actualizaciones

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  • Fountain Fireworks casting has been disabled in PK and event zones.
  • Fixed upgrade issue for Belt of Dexterity, String of Skulls and Sash of Sorrows.
  • Fixed a character state issue for Deathmatch event participants when the event is finished and they're kicked from the zone.
  • If a character is in both User and Monthly Rankings and its Monthly Ranking is higher than User Ranking then Monthly Symbol will be shown.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

  • Fountain Havai fişekler PK ve etkinlik alanlarında kullanılamayacak.
  • Belt of Dexterity, String of Skull ve Sash of Sorrows upgarde sorunu düzeltildi.
  • Bir kullanıcının Aylık NP sıralaması Normal NP sıralamasından yüksek ise Aylık NP sembolu gözükecektir.
  • Deatmatch etkinliği tamamlandığında etkinlik alanından atıldıklarında yaşanan karakter sorunu düzeltildi.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
  • El lanzamiento de fuegos  ( Fountain Fireworks ) se ha deshabilitado en PK y zonas de eventos.
  • Se corrigió el problema de upgrade del Belt of Dexterity, String of Skulls y Sash of Sorrows.
  • Se corrigió un problema de estado de personaje para los participantes del evento Deathmatch cuando el evento finaliza y son expulsados de la zona.
  • Si un personaje está en las clasificaciones mensual y de usuario , su clasificación mensual es más alta que la clasificación de usuario, se mostrará el símbolo mensual ( se mostrara el mejor simbolo )  


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45 minutes ago, Kaine said:

Nice with Monthly Ranking Symbol. But i have a little Question. 

Does the server get an NPC for the monthly NP?




not yet, only user ranking atm

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