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[OFFICIAL 21.06.2019] Server Features/Information

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..:: Basic information ::..
Version: 1298
Type: MYKO Light Farm/PK
Level Cap: 70
Classes: Balanced (Also, the starting stats have been fixed for each class *males and females as well as human priest & orc priest*)
Starting Level: 1
Starting Gear: Low Class Goblin Armors & Beginner Accessories
Master: [Guide] Master Quest
Level 62 Master Skill: [Guide] Master 62 Level Skill Quest
Level 70 Skill: [Guide] 70 Level Skill Quest

..:: Skills information ::..
Warrior: All up to 70 level
Archer: All up to 70 level (except ice & lightning shot skills)
Assasin: All up to 70 level
Mage: All up to 70 level
Priest: All up to 70 level

..:: Zones Information ::..
Luferson & El Morad Castle (latest USKO version)
Karus & El Morad Eslant
Moradon (old with grass)
Dungeon & Hell Abyss
Private & Battle Arena
Colony Zone (old with castle)

..:: Events/Wars Information ::..
Forgotten Temple
Border Defense War
Juraid Mountain
Last Nation Standing
Capture The Flag
Collection Race
Clan War
Snow War
Lunar War
Castle Siege War
NP Bonus
EXP Bonus

..:: EXP Quests Information ::..
Guardian of the 7 keys ( Guardian of the 7 keys Quest )
Fallen Angel ( Fallen Angel Quest )
Invade Enemy Nation ( Invade Enemy Nation Quest )
Reconnaissance Report ( Reconnaissance Report Quest )

..:: Custom Quest/Store NPC Information ::..
[Exchange] PK Stones (Moradon 319, 370)
[Exchange] KC Vouchers (Moradon 334, 356)
[Exchange] BDW Coupons (Moradon 339, 406)
[Exchange] Medals of Courage (Moradon 334, 400)
[Registration] Events Manager (Moradon 311, 340)
FT Coupons Manager (Moradon 351, 401)
Selith [Special Store] (Moradon 307, 344)
Chaotic Generator (Moradon 340, 433)
Treasure Chests (Moradon 318, 378)
Scrolls National Enchanter (Moradon 327, 365)
[Private Arena] Manager (Moradon 313, 383)
[EXP Quests] (LUF 452, 1671 | EMC 1593, 410)

..:: Power Up Store Information ::..
2000 HP & 350 AC Buff Scrolls
Weapon & Armor Enchant Scrolls
Power of Lion Scrolls
Teleport Scrolls
Duration Items
Wings of Donation
Trina's Piece
HP & MP Potions
Redistribution Item
Weight Increase Scrolls
NP Increase Item
Resurrection Scrolls
Mount & Ascent Scrolls
Country Flags
100/350/700/1000 KC Vouchers
Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Services
Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Vouchers
Name/Nation/Class/Gender Change Scrolls
Hera/Menissiah/Patrick/Cougar Transformation Scrolls

..:: Important Gameplay Information ::..
All Resolutions Support
/town is blocked in War's Prison, BDW, JM and when a max-leveled character with 3,000+ NP is in a PK zone and enemies in short distance away
No Understanding between Karus and El Morad in War|PK Zones
No NP loss in Events
Characters below level 30 cannot use Trade or Merchant
Characters below level 20 cannot use Chat
Merchant & Trade allowed in all zones
Character Lock after using ALT-TAB, ALT-CTRL-DEL
Buff scrolls HP restore after cure(etc) works as it should (HP buff scrolls CD has been added to avoid abuses)
Elemental damage increases the damage of your skills
The weight capacity (even with Weight Increase Scrolls) is 3,276.7
Invaders can teleport to Doda/Raon Camps directly without having to capture the monuments
Party list - HP bars have been fixed (no invisible bars during flame attacks etc)
Teleportation skills have been disabled in Forgotten Temple, Bifrost's Lava Bridge, War's Prison and Warders' Barracks
In-game "Select Character" & "Delete Character" options have been disabled
Free restat/reskill for premium users, reduced by 25% cost (compared to original costs) for normal users
HP/MP Potions weight & price have been reduced
Resurrection scrolls cannot resurrect your dead character in PK zones
Inn Hostess NPC added in Dungeon/Hell Abyss and in all events
Potion NPC added in CZ, Lunar War, Eslant  and in all events
Sundries NPC added in Arena and in all events
Buff NPC added in CZ and in all events
Item Appearance Change (Hell Breaker, Smite Hammer, Enion Bow & Staffs) via Charon/Anvil NPC
Ladder Points Exchange (3 LP per enemy kill) via Selith NPC to obtain Knight's, Royal Knight's or King's Medal. Ladder Points reset at the beginning of each month along with Monthly NP
Hera, Cougar, Patrick & Menissiah Transformations (Archer's Combo fixed.)
Rival System (You've 5 minutes to take revenge on your enemy)
Seal System (You can seal your items through Panel CP)
Colony Zone Monument Reward System (Blue Treasure Chest for the last hitter & +15 NP per kill for the nation that captures the monument)
CZ Beasts/DK's/Blood Seekers have been replaced with Burning Skeletons (Only from the back side of the bases)
Mini Bach, Duke & Bishop in CZ (They drop Old ROL, ROC & ROM with higher drop rate than normals. 3x Old = 1 Normal)
Total & PK Activity:
(You can check character's Total & PK Activity at Panel and it's counted in percentage. One of the reasons it could be useful: in case a clan leader wants to check how active a player is, in order to add him in clan)

..:: Make Money Information ::..
[CZ/Eslant] Dark Mare (drops Silver Bars)
[CZ] Barons (drops Blessed scrolls)
[CZ] Cardinals (drops Blessed scrolls & Asga Fruits/Cardinal Jewels)
[CZ] Haungas (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, 75% drop rate)
[Eslant] Brahman (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls only)
[EMC/LUF] Grells (drops Opal, Crystal, Crude Sapphire)
[EMC/LUF] Lycan Families (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls only)
[EMC/LUF] Goblins (drops 3,000-10,000 coins)

..:: Panel CP Features Information ::..
Block/Unblock Game Account From Logging In
Add Character in Beginners Clan
Change Clan Leader
Item Seal/Unseal System
Character Debug
Change Password
IP Logs
Vote/Redeem Vote Points
Character Delete

..:: Clan Grades ::..
Grade 1: 800,000 NP
Grade 2: 500,000 NP
Grade 3: 300,000 NP
Grade 4: 100,000 NP

..:: Armor & Weapon Upgrade Rates ::..

..:: Blessed Elemental Scroll ::..

..:: Blessed Upgrade Scroll ::..
+1 -> +2: 100%
+2 -> +3: 100%
+3 -> +4: 90%
+4 -> +5: 60%
+5 -> +6: 35%
+6 -> +7: 15%
+7 -> +8: 1%

..:: Blessed Upgrade Scroll + Trina ::..
+1 -> +2: 100%
+2 -> +3: 100%
+3 -> +4: 100%
+4 -> +5: 80%
+5 -> +6: 50%
+6 -> +7: 25%
+7 -> +8: 3%

..:: Accessories Upgrade Rates ::..

..:: Compound Scroll (+9 accessories) ::..
+9 -> +10: 30%
+10 -> +12/1: 30%

..:: Compound Scroll (unique accessories) ::..
+0 -> +1: 30%


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