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Found 8 results

  1. There are several reasons for this; (1) to attract new comers, (2) to keep the people that want to play but are too busy to invest time in the game, (3) somewhat equalize the tremendous cliff between top-geared chars and newer ones, (4) revitalize the DEAD(!) market. First and foremost, one needs approximately 1000 gbs to build somewhat a competent character, considering most of the chars that hang out in cz are top gears. I had a few farmer chars and tried many different slots to measure their profitability. Four slots particularly have value. --The numbers below are on average-- Hobgoblin: leaves almost 2gb in 1 hour/ char + the BUS Booro: Leaves 2-6 gbs in 1 hour/ 2 chars = 1-3 gb in 1 hour/char (really difficult to solo it, plus you get raided often) Egos (AOE): Very unstable because of the constant raidings. On average 1m to 3gbs in 1 hour/char. Vice: In the past month, I've never been able to farm for a straight hour, but estimation is around 3-5 gb in 1 hour/char. I asked Nikos in the game why wasn't the real life trade allowed. His response was that he thought it would kill the farming aspect of the game. What has long killed the farming aspect of the server is full-geared sins that regulate who can farm and who can't. There's already no more farming for people who aren't willing to stay up late and wait for cz to empty and try and try and try with a psychopathic stubbornness. So, those numbers you see above are maximal profits with no interruptions from top-geared sins that won't attack you anyway unless your hp is low due to mob hitting you. The farming is part of the game, and it never ends for people that don't have more important priorities in real life than gearing up in the game. But as far as average new comers are concerned (and there aren't whole lot of them), they can't just put 500 hours into hobgoblin farm, or 333 hours into ego farming, assuming they will never be interrupted by NP-hungry daggers. And there's absolutely no place to farm other than cz - anyone that has anything to say against that, please don't bother. Food for thought is why are there number of people joining everyday, and very rarely they stick around for more than a week? Do we really want to grow the server's population? Or do we want ~30 chars in cz taking turns raiding other nation's town, killing all the bosses getting even stronger while the noobs remain noobs. For example, how likely does it seem for beginners to go in the bowl and do gem farming, since there's either two parties of orcs or humans. Majority of the people that play in this server do have jobs and real life priorities. Such people can't be farming all day long to achieve anything of any significance. My suggestion is that you allow real life trade to be a thing, and help revitalize the population of competent chars. Law of entropy dictates that disorder is inevitable. You're losing players each day. Server is going to die whatever you do about it, but this might help you delay it a bit. Regards, Fingolf1n
  2. 1. We entered 5 people (3 warrior and 2 rogue), there was no priest 2. and we died 20 times We killed 7 3. As far as I remember, Tuðra ™ clan killed us 5 times and Our Day Will Come clan 15 times npt did not exist. 4. And there we attacked every 2 clan you can do all the controls 5.we fight without seeing who was from which clan 6.Tuğra clan stopped fighting when he was left behind and left us alone with Our Day Will Come clan ,a war we cannot win 7.It can't be a normal situation as Our Day Will Come clan takes all te deaths before they fight 8.we left long before the event ended 9.I guess tuğra sees me and my clan as responsible for failing to win 10.I have been playing with the same acc and nick for about 4 years without even the slightest warninh and I think i dont deserve it. Can you review it again pls?
  3. Few thoughts here that i feel would be beneficial for server. 1. Titans - Replace Chitin drops with Chitin Shell drops 2. Calvary - IF this monster will be re-instated into server (was on previous DB) it should be re added 3. LNS - New maps or something to keep event interesting ... 4. Merchant tokens - Make them more valuable? something to utilize them a bit more. 5. Lunar War schedule - i propose 1 of 2 options here. add a lunar war to a week day schedule OR remove lunar war from schedule 2 hours before CSW and add to middle of the week. ( i work in restaurant job and attending on weekends is difficult, as its the most busy day in my line of work)
  4. Merhabalar arkadaşımız hesabını satıyor ve hesap satışının ban sebebi olduğunu biliyorum. İlanda vermiş olduğu "Character info" kısmı birebir aynıdır.Statlarına kadar aynıdır.Bu kadar kanıt umarım yeterli olur sizin için...Gereken yapılırsa sevinirim . Bu arada herkese mutlu yıllar dilerim yeni yılda her şey dilediğiniz gibi olsun menünüzde etli ekmek, pide , lahmacunlar eksik olmasın ^^
  5. +7 rogue shell göğüslük itemimi 12.12.2020 tarihinde tahminimce 15:00-17:00 sularında çöpe attım. geri alabilir miyiz lütfen
  6. Hello, those who stayed online on 21.11.2020 were awarded.(2xkey) Although I took my item, I could not use it on the NPC.I was relog and deleted 2xkey.
  7. Bilindiği üzere dün gelen güncelleme sonrası dark mare ve servant of isiloonların uzaktan vuruşları tamamen kaldırılmıştır. Bizler solo oyuncular olarak makro kullanmadığımız halde gayet elimizle emeğimizle farm yaptığımız slotların bu şekilde işlevsiz hale getirilmesini yanlış buluyoruz. Geçtiğimiz sunucuda de isilon ve felankorlar bu range bugu yapılarak kesiliyordu. ve hiç bir şekilde bu fixlenmedi. Belki oyunun orijinalinde dark marenin uzaktan vurma gibi bir özelliği yoktu fakat, DEATH MARE, SHADE MARE, ve SERVANT OF isilonun uzaktan vurma özellikleri vardı. Şu an Eslant ve Delos farmlarını tamamen işlevsiz hale getiren bu yamanın geri çekilmesini istiyoruz. Aksi halde yeni başlayan userlerin cz dışında hiç bir yerde farm yapma imkanı olmayacaktır. Saygılarımla.
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