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Found 1 result

  1. MASTER, 70 & 62 LVL SKILL QUESTS DROP LIST Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal: Grell (highest rate) Worm Earth Worm Blood Worm Stinger (and all the rest mobs with a low rate) Tail of Shaula: Shaula Tail of Lesath: Lesath Fang of Barkirra Barkirra Lupus Pendant: Lupus Lobo Pendant: Lobo Lycaon Pendant: Lycaon Holy Water of Temple: Orc Bandit Leader Feather of Harpy Queen: Harpy Queen Raven Harpy Harpy Magic Hammers: Shadow Tyon Meats: Tyon Orc Bracelets: Orc Bandit Warrior Orc Bandit Archer Orc Bandit Sorcerrer Cursed Bones: Death Knight Skeleton Knight Skeleton Champion Skeleton Blood of Glyptodon: Stegodon Mastodon Megarodon Abyss Wings: Wraith Tentacles: Grell Abyss Eyes: Centaur Poison Sacks: Gray Oozy Zombie Eyes: Decayed Zombie Rotten Eye Undying Bones of Dragon Tooth: Dragon Tooth Skeleton Sweeping Potions: Black Widow Bee Stings: Hornet MOB DROP LIST Wings of PK Chaotic Orc Bandit Leader Chitin Shells +1 Fallen Angel Dark Stone Crimson Wing Falcon Troll Berserker Troll Captain Dark Mare (all parts) Death Mare (all parts) Isiloon Servant (all parts) (De-)fense armors [CZ] Harpy [CZ] Raven Harpy [CZ] Troll [CZ] Troll Warrior [CZ] Deruvish [CZ] Apostle Trina`s Piece: Atross Bone Collector Dragon Tooth Barrkk Orc Bandit Leader Asga Fruits & Cardinal Jewels: Cardinal Blessed Upgrade Scrolls: Brahman (100% drop rate) [CZ] Haunga (75% drop rate) Cardinal Baron Stinger Werewolf Lycan Loup Garou Dire Wolf Dark Eyes Transformation Scrolls: Ghost Warrior Silver Bars: Dark Mare Death Mare Caitharos Accessories +9 [CZ] Burning Skeleton Burning Skeleton Phantom Ghost Warrior Reaper Full Plates +5: Dragon Tooth Skeleton Ash Knight Lamentation Full Plates +3: Death Knight Lamiros Lamia Full Plates +1: Skeleton Knight Chitins +1: Stone Golems Giant Golems High Class Weapons +1: Dark Mare Death Mare Isiloon Servant Orc Bandit Officer (only High Class Weapons) Exceptional Weapons +1: Titan Middle Class Weapons +1 (Glave, Mirage Dagger, Totamic Club, Salamander Staff): Troll Troll Warrior Harpy Raven Harpy Deruvish Apostle BOSS DROP LIST (EVERY BOSS MAY DROP HIGH CLASS ITEMS TOO!) Attila: Warrior Pendant Elemental Pendant Priest Pendant Duke: Ring of Courage Mini Duke: Old Ring of Courage Bach: Ring of Life Mini Bach: Old Ring of Life Bishop: Ring of Magic Mini Bishop: Old Ring of Magic Snake Queen: Amulet Of Curse Amulet Of Dexterity Amulet Of Godess Amulet Of Health Amulet Of Intelligence Amulet Of Magic Power Amulet Of Strength Black Dragon Necklace Blue Dragon Necklace Crystal Necklace Elemental Necklace Green Dragon Necklace Iron Necklace Red Dragon Necklace White Dragon Amulet Harpy Queen: Warrior Earring Rogue Earring Mage Earring Priest Earring Talos: Belt Of Curse Belt Of Dexterity Belt Of Intelligence Belt Of Life Belt Of Strength Bronze Belt Crystal Belt Elf Belt Fire Belt Glass Belt Ice Belt Iron Belt Lightning Belt Mana Belt Skeleton Belt Troll King: Agate Earring Bronze Earring Crystal Earring Elf-Metal Earring Golden Earring Opal Earring Platinum Earring Secret-Silver Earring Silver Earring White-Silver Earring Deruvish Founder: Agate Ring Crystal Ring Diamond Ring Elf Ring Emerald Ring Gold Ring Opal Ring Platinum Ring Ruby Ring Silver Ring Hyde: Sword of Death Silver Bar Antares: Scorpion Scythe Fire Blast Thunder Blast Glacier Blast Kekurikekakaka: Kekuri Ring Kekuri Belt
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