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  1. In my opinion, drop rates of Fragment-Gems is very low and this ruins farming at all. I want to express my opinoion with some examples from server. If you look at the fragment farming spots, i.e Egos, there are very little ppl farming because of low drop rates of BF items. In addition to that, prices of BF items is very high, as an example, Sherion +0 is around 7 GBs on merchant. If we take GEMs, same thing goes on. Price of CHD +0 is around 15 GBs and this is not because of the CHD and its abilities.. because of low drop rate. Drop rate should increase especially fragment and gems to attract new people and revive farming on server.
  2. Now I am using sherion but before that I was using Selfname and even that does not make any difference.. Beside, not only me but also priests and warriors have such problems which shows that ,in past, having high LR resst is almost no effect on stun.
  3. I always run to mage, and always stunned in 1-2 skill. You got used to kill easily with stun, now it becomes a fair rate and you say it is not fair. Apart from being stunned, there is no assasin to kill any mage using DD helm within 2-3 skills unless mage have debuff. Be fair, even newbie mage with could kill me in VS due to stunning rate.. There is no point in crying, let the users to check whether it is a fair rate or not.
  4. I am happy to see such updates, especially stun rate, because even newbie LR mage can stun anyone with 1-2 staff skill despide of LR resst. Now, we will test the lowered stun rate, I wish it become a fair rate.. Thanks for updates.
  5. Up, some of items removed and new ones added..
  6. B>> FT Necklace +1 Howling Rooster Rogue Red/Black Chitn +7 Shio +0 / +1 Pm: Oxijean (in game or here)
  7. Clan kuruldu mu ? ZzR
  8. Based on the ander's translated text, I understand that ander blame me for using wallhack. However, I didn't use any hack to pass through walls, I climbed the stairs that the castle contains to pass otherside. I guess this is seemed to be hack to ander. ZzR
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