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  1. bağırmayan taraftar .. gitsin ne demek herkes 100 v 100 sevmez, KO nun mantığına bile aykırı. 8v8 istiyorsa başka oyun oynasın.. Bunların ruhuna işlemiş eziklik 8 olsa ne 100 olsa ne, bunların olayı atross riote
  2. It is turned into a new drama instead of a poll. So, when does this drama will finish ? And you, niko, when will you do any action ? Dont be offended but it is a private server and there is no point in saying "I don't care the number of online users" while there is only 14 ppl on cz right now. Be more responsive to your community, which is clearly looking for a fresh start.
  3. Yes for sure, but this time make a difference and do it as it was before. I mean, try this time without red/black chitins, elemental damage. I am sure that it will be great, because either modified myko servers (like proko) or pay to win servers are all around for a long time. Thus, people will love to play myko as it was at origins.
  4. I wonder how many times you will recruit ? It becomes very funny, LOL
  5. Ah bro.. What a pitty for me ha ? Would you reconsider my application if I don't laugh next time ? Anyway, LOL, you guys are really funny ☺️
  6. Hmm, best reply I have ever seen.. How did you implied, that you offended, by replying as such ? Could you explain more 😂
  7. mmm, I guess I won't be able to desit from laughing again.. SORRY Guys LOL
  8. Ah @Huan my little boy.. be careful next time 😁
  9. Bu nedir hocam ya forumu ispanyol günlük dizilerine çevirmişsiniz, @Marv az daha kardeşin çıkacakmış bizim oğlan @geek, @geek sende çok anonymous takılıyorsun hacı sonra bak onu unuttum, bunu çizdirdim diye dizi setine çevirdin ortalığı 😂
  10. Tamamen doğru ve tamamen katılıyorum, troll leri binding ile tek tek çekse problem kalmaz bence
  11. Did I tell anything about the cheaters ? NO ! Because they also deserve a perma ban. If you implied me or my friends as a cheater, GO and cry somewhere else, cuz ,unfortunately, you will never a change of killing people that you blame as an "invisible" cheater 😜☺️. Other than those, YES he and his little brother Relvie definitely had that power not to let people do PK. You say I don't have any particular opinion but, the only thing that can be understood from your reply is that, you defend toxic by saying "the guilty of destructed PK is not him, it was all of us.." Camoon, It does not mak
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