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  1. Hi, can you also boost the hp of monuments on bdw & jr ? it's not even competetive at this point of server, both party just rush over monuments and going for an easy result which makes bdw even worse so you can give a job to that one as well, if possible. it's not funny for an event happening couple of times a day at all. Cheers !
  2. sell; dual flame ring & 2x sn +7 buy; howling rooster dual shard +8 dual foverin rogue rc helmet +7 or shell +8 helmet & gauntlet pm: Picco
  3. i have just purchased a nation change voucher and a class change voucer by not knowing they are not tradeable items. is there any possibility to have a refund or transfer to the account i was going to give ?
  4. hey, is that possible to drop some other unique items besides master items out of ms pack or it's just been added to help newbies to get master items quicker ?
  5. i cant use any hp pot, see merchants and use anything else in the game, i also can not use hp pot and it looks like this https://ibb.co/YhT8J7n nothing happened after trying teleporting between maradon & emc so need a extra hand to fix it up, cheers !
  6. All master items in the game have similar prices to each others but only lesath is on sale for 15-20 gbs . it is ridicilious and discourage people to make assasins & archers in the server. despite all other jobs have pretty much dagger defence and assassin damages just tickle to other jobs if they put a dd on, i reckon it is non sense to keep its price that high. So my suggestion is to increase respawn time of lesath or getting lesath from somewhere else which is easier and makes it atleast not more than 15 gbs !
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