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  1. See Tuke finally made the list, Wonder how many people reported him already.
  2. Is this the guy that hacked and scammed allot of ppl in other private servers? Runs around playing warrior on macro? Aka Nightmare or Conqueror?
  3. This is just perfect. After telling me you dont do this kind of thing. Here it is in all its glory. Im just missing all the GAVAT's Dont matter how many times you did something, just the 1 time is already to much. We all got brain problem. #Popcorn
  4. The problem evry big clan faces Its hard for people to realise these items dont drop allot. So you gotta have patience. Im sure its getting passed around to who ever is pking.
  5. 4 - Upgrading the FT Belt and FT neck is a great idea. (max +1 ofcourse) With maybe 7 to defences? 3 - Think adding like a Yellow Gem for the winner and a Black gem + Arrogance Frag for the loser be a good beginning. (allong with the normal winnings). 2 - No no no no, Think the CR's are good for it. 2 - Maybe it would be good to make the CR (atleast PK) a bit easier. Example (75 kills, 3 riote, 3 atross) to - (50 kills , 5 riotes , 5 atrosses) (100 kills) either 75 kills or the same as the one above. 1 - Will be better than the current war, You either win or lose within 5 mins. Increasing the HP fo the warders and keeper is not gonna work.
  6. I play mage, and i cant agree with this. Yes Mage black chitins AC sucks. But on this server its HP > AC. Most dmg is elemental based. If you play paper mage you either use a staff that needs a 100 INT or 112 INT. So you can just use linen. But the biggest reason, Pauldron - Talia Helmet - DD Pads - Goblin Gaunts - Sword defence / Hard leather / Black Crimson Boots - Spear / Hard leather / Black Crimson It dont matter much, your switching gear so much. depending on what hits you. And stun rate is the same, 255 MP or 255 INT, dont matter stun rate is the same.
  7. Well im not suprised, they dont care about being "fair". But i do got to point out something that doesnt make any sense to me. How do you get a Warrior Earing from a Chaotic Troll King?
  8. Voted no. Personal weapon should stay that, personal.
  9. Ah your going pretty far to get it off topic and make it about me. Its not about items, its about a fair game to all. Im not there for bosses, im there just for pk. Unlike you i dont care much for bosses. Here another char for you. Who definitly fits this rule. "Interference with users" You dont have 15130986517161 chars, but you got some. Yet you guys claim to not have any. You want proof, you already gave to proof by confirming. Best wishes with all your bosses
  10. 170 dex is all you need on this server as archer, with the high elemental Many dont know how to combo. Pew Pew So your telling what i saw is right... its just on his laptop. Thats something i cant see, now can i? Its still afking in eslant..... But i get it your brain dont work like most. I speak tarzan to you. So you know i speak is good. I thank you.
  11. I am reading this and im telling you, after testing the mage allot. This is not the case. It dont matter how much LR you have for the stun rate or slow rate. Only for the damage. Thats why an int priest get slowed just as much as a BP. Thats why a rogue with MS gets stunned just as much as one without. Just stating its doesnt work like that, but its fine.
  12. I agree, seeing as there is no offline merchants here. Being able to multi client for merchanting in moradon is really nice. But all in all other zones, it should kick you to cz bowl after 10 minutes. Or DC you. If they claim to be acctive like they say, this wont change anything. But from what i see, most are in merchant almost 24/7 unless a boss is up near em.
  13. Makes no sense to me for him to mangle in this. BrhNegative just made the post to let people know and get some awnsers. Probally could have done it better in a PM than in here. (maybe he did dont know) As for myself, im just asking for the Futility clan. Seeing as i had no awnser in pm's. No you have, a Yes you can get. You dont know if you dont ask or get replied
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