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  1. [MB]

    Burned Items

    well if I was there I wouldn't let him do upgrade ofc not and wouldn't even let him go next to my pc you must be kidding me right , just make up a story OMG. Make a story for what I farmed these items and I succeeded in upgrade them too so why would I just wanna chuck them in anvil like that yea not good idea.
  2. [MB]

    Burned Items

    He was telling me last week I will make you quit bla bla this that come play with me in other server I said no I like this server I don't wanna leave, he said I will burn your items if you don't quit but I thought it was a joke and I didn't belive him tbh that's what happened
  3. [MB]

    Burned Items

    Hi @nikos32 my brother TheDominatoR used my account while I was on merch and sleeping because I had work next day, he stayed over the night at my house, he burned few good items I had MB Items : 2x HB+7 1x DV+7 3x Warrior B/C +7 3x Warrior earrings and few warrior shells+7, kc as well. If you could help me restore them my friend it would be great because I made those items i dont want to just lose them like that I tried calling my brother all day long he never aswers his phone Help me please @nikos32
  4. I don't care what you saying anymore your just a waste of time and keep crying more kid because that's not a prove of insulting gl bye bye waste of time !!!
  5. OMG this guy You must be kidding me I wasn't even talking to the reporter xd I was typing in pt chat with clan mates OMG !!!!
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