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  1. There is always three mage in your party.To tp town, to tp close to 12 and last one tp to close to 6. Please dont take offence to the other players.Everybody knows you bro. 😂
  2. Malco there is no equivalent word for "Cenabet" but you can think who is responsible for Gamblers clan bad luck for drop.
  3. Clan içindeki kişiler olarak olayı bir türlü tespit edemiyoruz.Elimizi attığımız boss kuruyor.İlk Oylama bittikten sonra en yüksek oy alan 3 kişi arasından tekrar oylama başlatıcaz Desteğiniz için teşekkürler
  4. If it will be tradable server will gonna be too many empty account.Who wanna make +8 they will be create new accounts and new characters everyday and will try.If one of them goes to +8 they will be trade.There is no reason for selling or trading as it name says it is "Personal" weapon
  5. GTFO all this suggestion you idiot racist.Everypost you are more racist.You are just nothing only community killer.I hate player like you.They dont know anything only just know how to talk bullshit.You have 1 sec difference with monkey but you are still trying to play game.I see your skills on bdw you was pt with me.You couldnt even know how to heal with your priest.And you dont know how to attack as a warrior.If you really want to talk about skills come to vs.I called you too many times in the game.Everytime you was blocked pm.Your characters?Hityoulikeatruck and Thejudge. I know very well you.Just talking.No skills because he is idiot,no items because he dont know how to play and how to farm.Just dont dirty my suggestions.If you have any problem just pm me in game for vs.If you have really skill. BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  6. Maybe i was not online at that time but I am the one giving suggestions. You know there was a issue my old clannies lied to me.And we was talked you about that 1 week. And I am saying again XreconeX dont have any lr staff or lr items.You was tested with wrong mage.You should be try that with real LR mage who has lr equipment with lr items. I claim because I am the one who playing against lr mages everyday.If you are playing as a player against lr mages you will be understand what i saying.
  7. Brother you dont know how to play this game and you are giving people suggestions abot team work and playing smart. Please dont shit this topic.You dont need to write every topic. You are not online and not pking half of my time.And you are saying lr good lr best.Please stop this bullshit.
  8. You idiot kid.I am just waiting schools will open soon and you will return your elementary schools with your friends. I have 4 computer in my home.I am working as a part time web designer.And when i am online i can do pk and eslant same time.If I have ability to use 2 computers at same time what rights you have to speak about that.If you have any complain go nikos for it.Maybe he can block my second, third and fourth pc.You think I am pathetic like you.I know some of the afk characters are yours but you are trying to splash your shit to us. Your brain really damaged.I will pay your psychologist money.Just find in your country.I am good and honest person.Mostly i donated for little kids who needs good treatment. I dont mind if you will be one of them
  9. If nikos said there is hundred of gods in the world than is it mean is it correct? You think nikos can not do any mistake? Games are just codes.Whenever you miss only one "1" everything will be change. We was see this one on last updates.He fixed somethings but BDW was crashed more than 2 weeks.I hope this is enough for you.Also Nikos can do mistakes
  10. I am the one giving suggestions you are calling another people for test.It is strange.Give me video proof with real Lr mage. Xreconex doesnt know how to play lr mage.He is just like newbie with chicken.Xreconex doesnt have any lr staff Whenever you want to test something just call me.I will give you list of items for lr mages.You can do it by your test char as a gm.
  11. You was forced me to say this.You are really Idiot.Show me proof which char belongs to us?If you could not show any proof just ...tir git serverdan You are living inside of dream.Devo in wonderland. And I like to ask a question "Did you lost your ball around GamblerS clan area in your childhood?
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