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  1. Than why did you send that one? I am completely done about that subject.Everybody see here who is lying or who is talking right. Who is right or who is wrong. All i see When we take a leave from server there are too many dishonest player produced. All i see in game or in forum derelict dogs are Barking
  2. I just want to ask something.What i see in that picture everybody voted for rnto not for hate. If there is more vote i dont know but if there is only this one I think your clan still lying about that issue.
  3. Kesin öyledir amk. Kesin vereceksinizdir. Hatta sen bizzat evine gidip kendinde vereceksindir Lol you fake hunters.You are just imitiate me.Who is real hunter on here everybody knows that And now you are trying to deceive GMs. Good Job. What a nice camadarie you have It is not according to our psychology it is according to rules of server.Nikos was created this rule not us. And from starting of this topic what i said please read carefully. What he done is completely wrong. But according to rules which is created by nikos nobody can take that ring from him In the case of game there is no sub clan.Only you can have ally clan but that is mean they are different clan technically. And it is not nonsense according to Nikos's rules. As you know we have a too many old clanmates in your clan atm. And they know our system very well. We did not hide it any drops.And everybody was known from the start their place on distribute for items. I am not supporting what _Hate_ done. But I am looking from his place. What do you think if your clan did not give you any drop and they are trying for ROF+1 or something like that. Who is right or who is wrong in a situation like that?
  4. Dont talk rude with your (probably) father.I am heavyweight boxing champ.
  5. Go wash your mouth first.There is my cum on there. If you want to say my name you should say first "Bismillahirrahmanirahim"
  6. I already warned you but you have a brain damage probably from childhood you did not understand. You dont know anything about us.We was fighted against all the other clans in the server.There was a time server VS Gamblers too many times. Just ask your big brothers from same clan.They will explain you what we did them. We was just come to play little bit. There is too many of our old friends still playing here.Like Sculpy,Drown,Hucklebery,Marge etc. Dont try to your This is completely Lie.You are trying to deceive the nikos. You think you are smart enough for deceive people. Go to playpen and play with your barbies It is not same clan.Allied clans doesnt mean same clan. Nikos still searching the case. I think what he done against his rules. I think he will return from his mistake as soon as possible. Matter is you and your clan lying to nikos. And trying to deceive him. He will be punish all of you. As a child and newborn you don't know nikos enough
  7. @nikos32 As you see they try to cheat you about clan party.But as you know as a rules(there are similar case before) if there is a "1" player from another clan it is mean it is not clan party. Also i already said what he is done completely wrong but i listened him he said they did not give any item for all the clan drops.He claimed he take it that rof for compensation.
  8. Allies doesnt mean in same clan. They are totally on different clan Just some type of child who take advantage of Corona virus because his school was closed in his country i think. Who are you idiot? You dont know anything about Gamblers.We are just having some fun on here for spending time with old friends I dont know idiot like you.You have mouth full of shit.Just shut up and dont talk about Gamblers. If you know a little bit about us probably you will pissed of under fear
  9. I just looked that party and there is a people from another clan which is the name "shadows". What he done is complety wrong. But you should be inspect this issue carefully. I think one wrong step will be cause too many problem
  10. I am not sure section is correct or not As you know we are not playing anymore actively just doing sometimes pk.But when we come just for fun and enjoy together with old friends in here who is still playing Some of the people cursing and swearing against us.We didn't do anything wrong.And they didn't have rights to swear or curse to us https://ibb.co/DtBv5qC https://ibb.co/sJ5WVdN There is more Ksc but i think this 2 is enough I am not sure he has a strike before for disturbing people when they are PK ing This is his first strike. I hope GMs will punish him @nikos32 @Observer@Vertigo
  11. ASADASDASDa.You are using google translate.I didnt mean anything like that.You was giving the wrong answer and you didnt understand what i wrote there. As a GM candidate please dont lie about languages.Maybe people seek your assistance but you will not understand what they ask. For ex. I can speak Turkish, English Fluently and i can speak German Pre.Int. Level Also I can understand Spanish,Japanese and French. But if somebody ask me at Interview " How many languages you can speak except your mother language?" I can only say English and German
  12. bibioğlu o zaman bu yazdığımı ingilizce çeviriverde görek bakak ne kadar türkçe konuşuyon.Eyne türkçe biliyom demekle olmuyyor bu işlee
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