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  1. There is discrimination on here against our brothers He just dont want to add Azerbaijan flag.And trying to find excuse.If he couldnt find anymore he will start to ban us #NikosİstifaEt
  2. He is Fermurian secret character.You can just PM him to return your money back.He is doing this intentionally for scamming Turks. There is discriminaton here #NikosİstifaEt
  3. Discrimination still continue.Nothing changed from last dbs. We did not forget what nikos had done to us from first db until today. And we did not forget how he is abusing his powers. #NikosİstifaEt
  4. OdiousCollector888 who is looking for bosses and mobs with his gm char
  5. Ofcourse not.WE did not even in the same clan.If i dont remember wrong it was Jno at that time
  6. Oooohh I'm scared.Zeus is reading forums and keep denied to he is not gm.So let him thinks we believed him
  7. Because you are member of Gamblers.This is the only reason.Ask to zeus aka gladiator why he is jailing you
  8. BigHunter


    Tears of wasabi.Which you can use for calling more players in the same nation.It is unique pus item
  9. Trina is working but for minus.If you upgrade without trina it will be %15.But if you use trina success rate will be %10
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