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  1. Olum biz türkçe konuşuyomuyuz size insanlık yapıp ingilizce konuşuyoruz.Ne ispanyolca konuşup duruyonuz artislik kime onu anlamadım
  2. Cs coupon.I never see it or I never heard it someone was got drop from lesath
  3. It is working but you did not read my post.I already explained how it is working
  4. Bende bi kaç erotik dergi göndereyim o zaman
  5. Reference benim şahsi yazılımcı kimliğim.Oyunun yazılımına bi dönem katkıda bulundum
  6. @nikos32 Dodging rate mean for %XXX+200 additional fail safe attacks If you have enough dodging rate %XXX will miss the damage only if the skill has +XXX additional fail safe attacks only this will be applied. For.Ex If you use howling sword and if the opponent dodge the attack %300 will not do any damage only +200 fail safe attack will do damage For the attack power if i dont remember wrong from other official server it has translation issue.Actually it should be work like dont miss For a standart character if you can think it has %100 chance to attack succesfully and %100 chance to dodge when you put elf belt(character A) it has %120 chance for attack succesfully(attack miss rate) and character will have %120 chance to dodge from attacks For a character dont have elf belt and has %100 chance to attack succesfully and %100 chance to dodge(character B) Whenever they do VS Character A has should be upperhand.Whenever he try to attack he has a chance to %120 chance for doesnt miss and %120 chance to dodge And when character B attack to character A it has %80 chance to doesnt miss and %80 chance to dodge his attacks
  7. Unban spiritual leader "Gavat" please. If you dont unban him each hour we will kill 10 orcs in CZ.This is not joke
  8. BigHunter


    It is good attempt just recruit people who is active and skillful. And just kick people who are crying every time.I think you will be good clan in a short time
  9. I really respect your style as a KO Gamer. Just i have complain about you. Just lower the price of BUS
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