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  1. And nikos most of my friend doesnt understand the question very well.Because of that they was marked "No".When i explained them to what you meaning, they regretted but it is too late to change decisions :).Just let you know if you afk question like that make sure translate to other languages as well
  2. IB, IN and GB is ok but i dont want to everybody has CS.As a warrior if i couldnt damage then it doesnt have mean continue to play
  3. Users want better exchange rate for unique items.If you think this pool is not suitable for users choice you can do it from panel section.Probably the result will be same."Better exchange rate"
  4. I have your SS to crying to me to many times.Please dont attack me.Please dont kill me.I couldnt play game bcz of you.And you are still talking here bullshit. I already said but you have brain damage probably.That day i am not playing with priest.I already on cz with warrior.How can i play 2 char in cz bowl same time?
  5. Did anyone of you think why when you trade someone he is trying to kill boss you will be get banned.(first striked to jail then you will get banned) Did anyone one of you see any rules like that before in Usko or other servers? I dont mean about KS.Of course there will be KS.But this issue is different.It is like a harassment. I almost completed all of my necessary items.I dont need more.But I am killing Boss just for Fun.Drop is doesnt matter.I gifted to many drops when i see newcomers. Today victim is me.Tomorrow will be you.Next day another player.When you go to eslant probably you will live same harassment.Just go and try.Good Luck
  6. I do not want to kill community.But people like that are real community killer.Think like that when you run around eslant 2-3 hours for finding 1 boss finally.Somebody you dont know use tp sc to you and stealing your effort. I already said it should be only on Eslant. And it can be restricted easily.When both of you added each other you can still tp(if it is applied).If you are really friend you dont have any restrictions.Why you are scared of that idea? Hmm or are you one of the community killer?Who is try to steal peoples time and effort?
  7. Hi Guys, Sry for taking your time again.From beginning of the server probably most player was lived same situations.Some hungry guys was use Teleport Scrolls to you for stealing your Boss. They are just killing the community.If you have enough friends at online it will be no problem but if you dont have enough they will steal your boss.Your drops.And your time for searching boss Actually I talked Majesty about that too many times but nothing was changed. Now I Have a suggestion like that.For restricting to TP scrolls in Eslant Zone only to Clan Members.Or if it can be applied both of the players should be add each other as a friend(Doesn't need clan Member)For Ex. I am From Gamblers Clan and I have Friends from SuicideSquad.If we can both already add each other as a friend.We can tp to each in Eslant Zone.For Wartime nothing like that need. I Created a poll.And I am not sure if the poll will be succesfull how can it be applied.Probably @nikos32 can find solution which one of them more useful. Merhabalar, Öncelikle değerli vaktinizi aldığım için kusura bakmayın.Serverın başından beri eminim sizde benzer durumlar yaşamışsınızdır. Ne Yazıkki bazı item açı insanlar sizi friend listesine alarak boss çalmak için TP sc kullanmaktan çekinmiyorlar.Hali ile oyunun tadını kaçırıyor. Clanda yada arkadaş çevrenizde online birileri var ve beraber turluyosanız sıkıntı yok ama yeteri kadar online kişi yoksa saatlerce boss bulmak için harcadığınız zamanın içine ediyorlar. @Majesty ile daha önce konuştum benzer şeyleri ama hiç birşey değişmedi. O yüzden şöyle bir önerim var. Tp Sc'ler ile Eslantta iken sadece clan üyelerine TP olabilelim.Yada eğer uygulanabiliyosa birine tp olmak için iki kişininde birbirini arkadaş olarak ekleme zorunluğu olsun.Mesela ben Gamblers clanındanım ve SuiceSquad clanından bi arkadaşım var.Eğer ikimiz birbirimizi arkadaş olarak eklemişsek Eslantta birbirimize tp olalım.Eklemediysek olamayalım. Savaş zamanı Lufer yada Emc baskınlarında böyle bir şeye gerek yok.Herkes herkese TP olabilmeli Gördüğünüz üzere bi oylama başlattım.Oylama sonucu başarılı olurmu emin değilim yada bu önerilerden hangisi uygulanabilir bilmiyorum. Umuyorum nikos hangisi yararlı olacaksa birini uygulayacaktır
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0BrxIRPZEY The Sentence "Gel Kucu Kucu" is mean Come Little Puppy
  9. I also mentioned it before for privately.For Lns zone you should decrease tower and attack in the town should be open.With this rule nobody enter with their second character. Last 10 days all the Lns is same.When the karus got score advantage they will be hiding in the town for winning.And we will only waiting.It is so boring.For breaking this schedule you should decrease tower numbers and attack must be open at both nation town.
  10. No I dont think you are desperate.But as a boss Hunter When i go to eslant I always blocking my trade.As i said pictures sometimes doesnt show the real images.Recording video will be always good.I dont know about your Pc but if you have Nvidia Graphic card it has a software when you enter the game with a short keys it will start recording.It is really usefull. And if someone push the trade with me i couldn't even move.Heal is impossible.I hope nikos will be check the issue and solve the case
  11. I do not know both of them either but all I see from pictures you are trying to harm 2 people.Next time just block your trade and nobody can disturb you. I hope judgement will be fair for all of you
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