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  1. SELLING shard +8 raptor +8 helenid +7 sold giga 1 h ice +7 (javana) glaciar erenion +7 elysium _+7 sold iron belt+0 dv+7 spear of murky +7 burned eagle eye +7 BUYING chitin shild voucher 1x iron neclance PM me in game floe / bita77
  2. all you understand from the pictures is that i hate losing ?
  3. i know when it hapened i`m the one the run in the bottom ! u stoped to atacke phemes and i killed you
  4. https://ibb.co/GtRyhyb https://ibb.co/BPcmrmk https://ibb.co/YZxVTfb
  5. ok, no ksc about trading and the pm`s they gave to me, but how about luring ? talos was half hp when they start to lure it !!!
  6. this 2 pice of shits, i cant call them anything else started to trade / lure talos https://ibb.co/WVzTg35 https://ibb.co/zVK3KHb
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