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  1. Guys guys guys and the random girl I'm sure we have here. There is no Honor in CZ, or else we would never have these garbage Sins killing people farming deru/apos/golems/trolls/cardinals. If I see a human and an orc fighting I will sit invisible waiting and then last hit with spike for a free and easy kill. There is no honor in CZ because a Majority of players barely know what to do. I have been in countless and I do mean countless parties of everyone ignore the priest and warriors and chase the Rogues around while they all die 1 by 1.
  2. Sad part I have been grinding on Isi Servants and the rates are garbage. I have solo Crimsons kill 1 in about 30-40 seconds. And I get maybe 3 pieces of shell in an hour. While I have burnt over 15 items going +5 Even using Trina's I have burnt a crapton of items going +6. I was making a BP set took me about 5 hours to make a full +7 set. And I could buy the +1 pieces from a NPC.
  3. This would not be the first time Items have "Magically" been inserted into the game by Admin/GMs. It's not even uncommon for people to magically buy +8 items on the exact same day they are released. I can see one or 2 people running around with +8s on the day it is out. But when I walk into Moradon and see 2/3 people using +8 Highclass items. After the first 2 weeks I find it funny that you can never find a Farming party. Maybe one a day. I have constantly ran around DM's on the Orc side and Human side and even in Eslant. When you can have 20 Items and only 1 of them go to +7. It's hard getting +7s at 32% How is it seeming so damn easy to get +8s at 9%.
  4. but then against why not go Sin? Warrior is garbage without gear. It's in the same as a BP without gear you are worthless while a Sin even with garbage gear can still do a lot of damage.
  5. Trying to wonder how this server is already Filled with +8s. 9% is not that high of a number but I already see 9 out of 10 people running around with +8 glowing High class weapons. Not Unique.
  6. It kinda Depends. What I want to do is Go Shield BP. Thinking of either going for a HS or some time of 1h club weapon. Leaning more on the Hanguk Sword. Maybe try and get a Smite Hammer. Sins like to run in groups of 2 or 3 so being Full Glass cannon is already going to get you killed.
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