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  1. relax,go get a fresh air.This game has a way to NT if u have played it and so Warden were still able to troll him
  2. for aiming bigger statue, there cant be a better reason to hunt this kind of nps at that period anymore, its dirty
  3. from another place nickos3 www.professionalko.com Senior Member Originally Posted by huhla If you decide for relaunch what date you aiming for? The decision will be made on 18 Sept.
  4. Nice,first time see such a statues,dominated by priests
  5. re uploaded now the 2017 and 2015 year video contest clips which i posted back to the main post,have to work for upload more of 2015 videos where we did some pk together cuz those are in older pc
  6. There still alot of haters around whos reporting my videos so im looking later on to upload old vids back here!
  7. Hello nikos32! I voted "yes" just becouse im sure there will be more players to come, i really dont know how the server been running whole of a year cuz i had real life issues but this time i will be around and play in your server.Just will wait now to until 14.sept, what ever is the result of this i will be loging back! Now i have a plenty of time to place the gaming stuff to the right place
  8. How so? All of requirements items you can obtain easly a solo +1, are those wings tradable later on?
  9. thats what i were looking for, and ".time" working fine ingame.
  10. i will later when im done with lvling and such a stuff,thanks anyways!
  11. Hi all! Looking for +6 priest red chitins,leave me offers here or ingame TheBiatch or +7 chitins. Also looking for personal weapon,pm me!
  12. I did vote for every class since i remember it was so at 2014 server and it were better in my way,more gearing ways/spices market.
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