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  1. fight for me baby 😁
  2. it doesnt matter for me actually, everyone who join dm's always aim me first, but, i still simplythebest..
  3. Check 1:23 karus mago used nova, but i didnt see any hands movements !! he must be tbl user!! what the tards ppl u are!! learn the fkkn game and get some skills.....!
  4. ' I provoked them @ moradon via chat then went to cz to encourage them to attack me, unknown to them that i had fraps running & recording.' Lmfao what an idiot person u are.. in the opinion of this idiot, we always go to cz when we provoked by someone rofl.. It's just a visual bug, also it happened to us many times and still is. You are the biggest tard person in this server, all you know just trashtalk nothing much, Mrs.Bigmouth
  5. DingDong also use 2 chars to get in ft, his other char's name 'Uganda' what a greedy person..
  6. İlginç bir şekilde benimde şahit olduğum bir kaç kişi uzak mesafelerden attack yapıyor ve bunlar genelde latin kardeşlerimiz acaba ping sorunumu var bu arkadaşlarda, yoksa...
  7. +1 bence de değerlendirilmeli ve uygun bir şekilde tekrardan düzenlenmeli, arkadaşında dediği üzere pk'nın yoğun olduğu saatleri öldürüyor..
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