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  1. the main reason u want talia to get deleted is that u will be able to VS 24/7 without talias ... stop being kiddoz and play the game normally..
  2. I left all my "friends" to play with him ? Lol ,1st i didnt even know them.. execpt Fawkes , 2nd why should i lick his ass, i know him for years.. ? 3rd i played againts him and he is doing the same combo like everybody else just in another style probbly.. You seems to be so mad apple for nothing idk lol😅
  3. yeah im pretty sure 70% of them are legal , and most of them got jailed cuz nerds like you , that you annoy the GMs with useless reports. ur goal in game is , to walk around cz with GOPro on ur helmet and film legal ppl killing u . gee gee mate HF and u better find another game , cuz at this one you are very bad..
  4. u know the purpose of using macro? , to have a perfect combo . if a guy using macro , it dosent mean he attack u faster or from far or more "R" or more skills ... what the fuk is ur problem even if a guy using macro . (and he isnt using ) stop cry about nothing. i cant see the diff with warrior that using macro and warrior that know how to combo its the fuking same shit . this server has a really weird community i'v never meet before . :O
  5. lmao , i hope u are kidding with him . thats all i can say..
  6. atleast u'v earned a free lesson of how to combo , gee gee i think we should go human side .. so u guys will find u a new warrior to report or just wait for a useless ban then quit .. not sure yet.
  7. wtf is that report lol? , a guy not using HP pots and complaining about warriors combo , gtfo already u such a retard reporting whole server 24/7 who da fuk are u ...
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