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  1. Dear GM, Kindly assist in restoration of the following item at your convenience: Char : Paul Item: Exceptional Impact +7 (1hand) Time of delete : 29 Jan 2020, around 17:40 - 17:45. Case : Accidental delete due to lag. Was trying to delete the beginner Iron impact beside the item, but due to some lag, i only noticed afterwards that i deleted my exceptional impact (1hand) instead. Kindly assist in restoration when you are free. Thank you. Paul
  2. Dear Nikos, I think the 2nd one timing is mistaken. It started registration right after the FT started at 6:00 and start at 6:10 hence the time clashes. It has happen for past 2 weeks. You can look into the logs again. Thank you
  3. Question here, is there 2 clan war per week or only 1? because the clan war in the countdown seems different from another clan war that happen during FT. Kindly adjust the timing for the clan war that clashes with the monday 6am FT. I dont think the server have population to sustain 2 con-current event at the moment. Rather than both even becoming half populated event, either cancel the monday 6am FT, or bring the Clan War earlier so it doesnt class with FT and collection race afterwards. Kindly consider the above. Thank you.
  4. @Old Professional, i stated my playing time above. Last 2 weeks, maybe i total up not even 2hours at ego while used up around 3 pack of each scrol (hp and ac) at bowl. During my playing time, it is lucky if you see 1 full party for each nation. Those that pk during my time (mainly chill, just4fun clan, from human side, and maybe some individual like Mira, Tuke, from orc side) can confirm this situation. I would rather not argue as our play time confirm is totally different. Again my main concern is helping GMs in suggesting ideas especially on this topic of server balance as during my PM with observer the other day (when i am asking a question about clan war timing), we just bump into a topic about some complains in the forum and they need some input about maintaining balance. Hence the 2 topics that i brought up. Hope GM can consider the suggestion i mentioned
  5. @Old Professional Answering ur question, I played the server more than 2 months already. And i must say the number varies depending on timing of the PK. Hence the reason i started this topic. My in game nick is Valkyrie. U can ask the human side that pk mostly around 11:00 to 15:00 if they have seen me or not. Around the mentioned time, for the past 2 weeks it has happened a lot of times where i am soloing against 1 party of human. U can ask Chill / Just4fun clan how many times they killed me or how many times i had to town to avoid dying as i am one of the only few orcs around at that time. I just putting this information as a reference and also if u read what i typed. i mentioned the following: "Note that this number is only based on website and might not be representing pk situation as some ppl might not be PKing but farming at the time. Different days such as weekdays and weekends might have different numbers too. This is just an extra reference for the GMs when considering possible nation transfer for the clans to maintain balance for the server." All the information i put, is real and based on the website. It might not reflect everyday situation as it keep changing. Combine this with my newer suggestion and u will see where i am going to with this hourly number. Note on the suggestion 2 to provide details when applying for clan nation change such as the clan number of active players and clan most active time. What i want to suggest is for the GM to also consider the number of players varies based on their region and their playing time along with the number of active player of the clan that will be transferred. @Old Professional, You are telling us 16-22 humans, against 6-10 orcs... that is based on your playing time. Unless you are telling me u are in cz 24/7 and the situation never changes, then it is another different story. That being said, I agree with OldProfessional and Termintor that most of the time currently it is orc having less number from human. But again, it depends on the timing you are playing in. If the GMs can extract the information (something similar with what i did or better would be compilation of human vs orc kills in cz) adding the information from the Clan that want to apply Nation Change, maintaining the balance of server would be more realistic. Might be a lot of work, but i am wondering with the access to the database in server, can extracting the information be done via automation by the GMs?
  6. Dear GMs, Some forum general suggestions that i think can be considered: 1. Update and sticky some important items under announcement to assist new players and prevent further complication on topics such as : rules and regulation, official drop list, event schedules & requirement (currently there are 2 topics at seperate section and not updated), and compiling the FT neck, belt, wings, and bdws item requirement and picture in one topic. I have helped by providing these links and information for more than 4 new players in past 2 week as they dont know the info and cant find them as it is all over the place. Once these topics are made sticky, in the future any changes can just be updated. 2. Create a new topic and sticky a topic about Clan NT to keep server balance with stating requirement such as: Clan name, Clan active number players, Clan most active times, Reason of NT request, etc (if there are more information the GM team need for the consideration, can be added in). Currently there are no proper section for this and there is no clear requirement on what information the GMs need, hence it is hard for GMs to consider whether NT of a clan will bring stability or making the balance worse off. In-game suggestion to consider: 1. kindly consider removing hp from +6 beginner armors drop in bulture etc. Some players such as myself and a few new player might want to get str for BP, or MP for paper mage until we can get proper black chitin. But the drop is already fixed for HP. Kindly consider this. Hope the few suggestions above, can help the server . Thank you
  7. Dear GMs, was talking a bit with GM_observer and i hope providing some detail below might help the server a little bit in terms of monitoring server balance in CZ: Date taken: Friday, 27/9/2019 Time Website no. ORC Website no. HUMAN 7:00 (CR) 32 16 7:30 (CR) 27 17 8:00 11 17 8:30 10 4 9:00 5 8 10:00 9 13 11:00 8 3 12:00 N/A N/A 13:00 12 8 14:00 11 9 15:00 4 8 This is as far as i can assist in monitoring the numbers. Note that this number is only based on website and might not be representing pk situation as some ppl might not be PKing but farming at the time. Different days such as weekdays and weekends might have different numbers too. This is just an extra reference for the GMs when considering possible nation transfer for the clans to maintain balance for the server. Hope the above helps the server in any way.
  8. clan war time clash with forgotten temple. Intentionally?
  9. Dear GMs, Please look into solving the long time needed to login problem as soon as possible. The server is still the best out there and we are even still having new players joining us. But this login problem where sometimes it can took 20mins trying to connect is very damaging to server. Some old players become lazy to login, and i bet we are losing new players since they cant really login too. Restarting server works well so far, but only for first 2 days after server restart. Kindly look into a more permanent solution. Thank you
  10. Home WiFi here. It happens only today btw. Yesterday after server restart i still manage to login without problem to check PUS. If no other players experiencing same problem, should be ok Nikos. I am not in urgent need to use PUS anyway.
  11. Dear GMs, Not sure if this is happening just to me or also other player. But please have a look on the following problem. I can login to any of my account without any problem when i use my VPN (hotspot shield). But when i turn it of, to check pus, every time after i login (all accounts), i will dc in 5 sec. No crash or anything. Just normal dc. A bit similar to what i experienced few weeks back (the 5 second dc problem, but this time it only happens when i am not using VPN). This does not affect me playing at all for now, but if this does not happen only to me, some other players that does not have VPN, might not be able to login too. Kindly have a look on the matter. Any other player that experience same problem? if there is, please update here so the GM can know better what is happening. Thank you.
  12. Dear GMs, Not sure the GMs stand in matter of accidental npcing item. Trying my luck here. If possible, please assist in restoring an item that i accidentally NPCed Char nick : ONI Item Accidentally NPCed: Hell breaker +6 NPCed to : Sundries (asga) TIme of accident: around server time 16:10. Kindly assist if possible. Thank you
  13. Adding some information, as lately my work kinda a lot, cant always be ready for teamview, Nikos, if you need me to download teamview and checking my com, we might need to set a time that is convenient for both of us. Thanks
  14. Dear GMs, Not sure what happen again. Again i am banned. Havent been playing much lately due to my work and travel, i just login and was banned again while afk in moradon. I am assuming same case as previous where it is the problem with my vpn (hotspot shield). Kindly look into it, and if you need me to download teamviewer, just let me know. My previous appeal: Thank you.
  15. Nikos, i suggest to repatch the server in the maintenance as soon as possible since a lot ppl seems complaining without reading chat box. Also chatbox will get flushed by new chat. might as well fix it permanently before the lazy people (non-reader / non-browse forum for solution) make too much of a noise.
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