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  1. Addition to valk exchange would be nice to add option for a set(5piece) exchange.
  2. Agree but another point is market will completely move to real life currency... gold bars will be useless since everyone will want to sell and make few extra $... Also there would be at least 2/5 scam sales.
  3. Real life money trading would actually make it worse for new comers... not all of them but many. Me for example if i would have seen Pay2Win system like this its a huge turn off and I'd never touch such server and I think many new players would agree.... I do have a full time job etc.. yet I can farm a little bit everyday. Now to the farming issue - yes it is only limited to CZ and really annoying not only sins patrol farming spots and I say this from horrible experience, even had 0 NP like 4 times nearly ragequit 2 times. Btw seen at least 3 players that quit server after getting ganked all the time on farming spots in my 5week playtime here. Luff/EMC,Eslant have no farm spots for solo players.. Most players have insane gear and if they farm mostly duo with someone.. but what about the solo newbs who struggle to get some fragments/gems or even damn BuSes from goblins while getting killed constantly. Currently server is divided to nearly/fully geared players and not geared and most of these players don't stick long and the only way to actually get geared and be wanted in parties is play INT priest and nothing else, if you join with any other class and no gear or beginner gear it will be a miracle trust me:) This is just my experience of 5 week playtime in this time I did a test: Warrior 3 valks +6 2 red chitins +7 and HB+7 skele belt+0 and FT neck+1 wings of god, dual Hero's valor +1 and dual mino +0 ....Guess what its not even close to being competitive you still get deleted while doing 500damage tops unless someone debuffs them.
  4. Starter gear is fine at least for farming not pk... It takes enormous time to even get to competitive level of gear, I.E: Made a warrior 3 valks +6 2 rc+7 HB+7 FT+1 skele belt wings of god yet people mow me like knife trough butter and i do barely 550 damage to them... I don't expect to get fully geared straight away but at least I want to farm and get to the level I could take them 1v1 or survive more then 10 seconds. Yes we do need new farming spots even mini DMs in Eslant or something would be great. About the update - when server is new most of people are around same level of gear and you got some chance 1v1 unless party raids you then its fine but when you farm with same +7 RC/BC set and people constantly shred you being fully geared is not fun. Also please tell me how do you control multiclient while only 1 client can be active without using 3rd party tools? You should clarify it could work only with 2 PCs that on one you press skill+mana pots and on other spam heal+mana which not everyone here does have including me.
  5. We just get screwed by all fully geared players now... Easy prey for kills/shards
  6. Helped him to sort it out, it is a work PC and it had a conflict program all good now.
  7. Not even beginner gear... farm spots outside CZ which can be done SOLO... like Mini DMs and maybe BF frags or kill rewards(50 kills) random BF+JR and 50MoC should be decent. But for now people are hyped to get new stuff and bloodbath is imminent.
  8. yeah and imagine new player who has just staff +7 and shells +7 or so... hes useless..
  9. The main damage mitigation comes from defense items like Iron set,wings,and such....And by boosting basic AP of weapons might actually work.
  10. Yes I wrote the rant about me getting raped by rogues while trying to farm.... I was getting killed but at least I could farm a little bit between each rogue death circle but now it got worse. Literally everyone now runs trough farm spots trying to find someone to kill and I don't blame them they want NP and some kills/action but for still a new player (2 and a half weekd on) it is really hard, my friend ragequit completely today after giving him some better gear but farmer killing is just insane. What I would like to suggest: 1.Add some more CR events but for newer players with maybe chitin rewards and medal of courage but for monsters that can be soloed....(When regular CR starts everyone goes to quest mobs and starts a war. 2. Adding some farming mobs to luff or eslant(lower drop rate) so we could spend our time farming and not running back to spot after getting killed. For now all might edit and add some ideas later. My character gear:AlextazY01 Skeleton belt,ring of life+1 legionnaire +1 red chitin gloves and selfname +7 were given as a gift from clan mates but rest is selfmade. P.s I'm also kind of on a brink of quitting (yes again) I really am trying to farm and get geared, I have a nice clan and PK parties are awesome but all I can farm with them is CR events for more premiums and some NP on my priest but that's pretty much it. I hardly can advance gear wise when even on mini Dark Mares constantly getting 2-3 shot by full valk +6-7 and selfname +8 players (I did try the sitting and not attacking gesture but 0 F's were given) I would like to hear some suggestions and maybe a GM reply to see what can be done to keep me and probably other newcomers to play here. Sorry if it sounds cringy etc English is my 4th language after all
  11. Well I seen one group of farm in my almost 2 weeks here... Now I ran out of NP and can't farm anymore fkn fully geared sins camp farming spots. What can I say great time to play as newb.
  12. I never said to buff beginner gear or anything of this sorts, I'm just trying to point out that new players have hard time Farming considering older players constantly hunt you and servers economy is not easy to comperhand. I farmed hours on cardinals as guide on forum says and yes I did get 100mil per hour and when got premium and auto loot about 150mil(unless was camped by several top ranked players) What would be a nice addition is to add more events similar to FT or something for newer players at which you will be able to get some NON endgame items but good enough to go on. Exeptional raptor +8... I barely made 4 shells +7 this week 2 of them for my class and all that farm was pretty much solo which isn't great. ANTOINE might have had lucky drops or farming party but all that wasn't solo and I don't know how to actually get such gear in a month alone
  13. Of course they farmed more then me and I have no issues with that... The issue is all farm is focused in CZ but fully geared people with IN IB valk sets etc keep killing you no matter the spot there. Medium gear which is what shells +7? I do have 2 shells +7 and 3 red chitins +6 and a few cheap accessories. beginner shards +8 equal to regular shards +7 but to get shards +8 will take quite some time. Armors yes easy to make when you can at least farm properly as solo it takes quite some time and you get killed regularly.
  14. So me and my friend joined a week ago after not playing KO for maybe 10 years +/-.... We farmed hours and hours I got 2 platinum bar worth of money in that week only to see that its nothing... To get a weapon upgrade I will need waaaaaay more than that. Joined a clan and guys there were helpful but mostly answering questions etc if you ask about farm everyone just goes HELL NAH since everyone is pretty much geared and just wants to PK/BOSS, as this game requires parties for farming 2 players are not going to cut it. Don't get me wrong server is great but for new players it is just unforgiving nightmare... Barely any party to find for farm, and if you go farm prepare to be killed by fully geared Aholes that constantly go to farming spots and 1-2 shot you and as you get back there they will come again too. So me and my friend decided to leave this server as catching up for newbies is nearly impossible, maybe there will be some changes/updates but as for now we do not see a point playing. Sorry for my broken English(4th language) Alex.
  15. Getting into a clan yes, we joined Karus clan and guys there been nothing but helpful only informative side tho... They barely farm since 99% of them have valk +6-7/chitins +8 and weapons +8 and not really interested in farming mostly PK... while we need hardcore farming to not get 2shot by any passing El morad. There has to be some solution/ideas to make a new player stay and enjoy the game and for veteran players higher end goals.
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