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  1. Hi @nikos32,i 1st time exchange blue shard and wanted to take Ascalon,by my mistaken read,i select Garges Two Handed Sword,any change to i get my blue shard back or Ascalon?This is my 1st time,and only read Two Handed Sword by mistake.I can give u detail if needed..Please consider to help me as new joiner.
  2. Or make it random for FT event as now we only get brimstone.If make it random gift,Ebony/Silver/Brimstone it will make ppl join ft instead.
  3. Please Exchange kill quest monster at cz from Trina to MOC/BlueTressureChest.Boro drop bc/rc +4 instead of +1.Thanks btw is good update anyway.
  4. That is professional answer i've heard,thanks for the explaination.I never knew that such activity in KO..still more to learn..not learning hacking i mean.
  5. Sorry for interupt,how was @GM_Thanos assume that those 3 player were botting?is there any suspicious activity?I always walking at ego side but all slot were full due to mage aoe farming..how do i know they were botting instead?
  6. Somemore,change the prize from Trina to Blue Tressure or 200 MOC from killing certain monster at cz/eslant.That would be helpfull instead.
  7. Ok,as it happen to me today after new month,i believe GiveMeYourSoul idea was not quite effective since new month new reset for ladder points,so i need to create new chicken account to earn ladder points every new months.100points its to big for new player like me as i keep dying at colony zone while earning ladder points and it take times to create bounch character for just ladder points.It will be helpfull if ladder points removed as requirement or not reset every month.I can't join FT today. T_T
  8. Hi @nikos32,hope u dont mind to read my suggestion about FT event that i message u few hours ago,it will helpfull if u do that.
  9. @nikos32 The Invasion Certificate can now be obtained upon monuments' blessing. You don't have to stand next to the monuments. What does that mean?can i just stay whenever around the map waiting the for monument blessing or i can just stay anywhere and will gain the invasion certificate?
  10. Dear nikos32,can u please remove ladder point to join event such Forgotten Temple?100 LPS is hard to earn when newbies walking alone at cz,hardly to get party from the other player since i wearing pk of wing.Hahaha,please consider it,i would like to join FT event but aint to get a chance to do that.Btw,i just start up to play a few weeks.
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