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  1. I have the same situation. I can login on my bussines computer without any problems. The game closes itself as soon as I enter the game from my personal computer. I wonder if it's because I cheat like Huck on my personal computer? Joking aside, the game closes itself as soon as the character is opened from my personal computer.
  2. People do love this server. Look at the suggestions from many different players. Your own clan mates have told me you don't have that many active players. What would you like the server to do? -- You can add me to the people who love the server. I personally think I did the best I could. I've asked you for your suggestion about the peru time zone. Your answer? You don't have one. -- While talking, I told you that I have never been active in this time zone. How can you expect me to offer a solution without knowing the situation? Could the Indians have survived without being slaughtered? I don't know, I wasn't living at the time.. or should we run the dishwasher at home? Do you know if it is filled enough and can you comment? Its the same for euro time zone. I don't have one either. The server as this stage will always be unbalanced. Our clan has made human characters to PK with and we have switched, multiple times. And, it was unbalanced again within 15-20 minutes.-- I told you the truths that I know about how to bring the pk in the server related to the subject to a better position. I've been a remarkably active player. I've never seen anything done during that time. Months ago we were the only active human clan. This is back when Tuðra™ was active. We would 1v2,1v3,1v4 and pked around the entire CZ map. We just continued to pk, rather it be dying over and over or winning sometimes. -- I think I remember the time you mentioned. the part i remember was smileagain+goldmembers v tugra+rememberme PS: Sorry if I remember wrong. it's been a long journey. There might be something I missed or overlooked. PS2: It is pointless for me to continue this discussion any longer. Thank you for your comment. Summ: We all love the server and we are trying to make it more fun. " Only in the forum "
  3. In order for the event not to turn into this, I saw the problem and interviewed the clan leaders in the game many times. The only thing I understood as a result of this meeting is I was begging these people, they tot that. So-called everyone loves this server and is doing their best to keep it alive. But i only see this on the forum. Not in GAME
  4. Hey mate, Normally, I'm careful not to comment off topic. I apologize to everyone else. When I examine your character now, I think that you will enjoy pk in a very short time. I think it's a success that you can collect so many items in such a short time. I was also farming bus today. I was quite get raid by a bp and had to stop farming. Believe me, this raid issue is not just for you. I would also like to point out. When I started the server, I was getting killed 50 times a day by Zaknafein, B4NGS4T(IMBA;) and EK named asas. When cloth +7 sets and beginner jevels (not what you know) and asas with +8 shards dived at you, most of the time I was dead before their invisibility was unlocked.I have never complained that. What makes this game beautiful is none other than pk. If there is no pk, the get raid you or the +8 item does not matter. Good luck. PS : The farm character of everyone I know is full of trash items as you mentioned. If you wish, I can give the names of the characters I farmed, you can enter and check...
  5. Please don't ignore that post.. @GLaDiaToR888@bozo77 @mindkrash
  6. I see it as a very good update. Thx to all... Gathering people to the bowl as much as possible will increase the enjoyment of the game. @GM_Thanos, @nikos32 There's just one thing I'm curious about. It is stated that the felankors will be active in RL. RL also appears to be open as part of the weekend schedule. If so, I'm very sorry for myself. I don't have any time to play on weekends. I hope it was mistake of type.
  7. Hey mate, I think if we are going to look for a problem, what I see is that the resistance values of the newly released armors (valky) are high and the elemental dmg in the rings is low. I hope the felankor will come and the elemental dmgs in the rings will be higher than the bdws. If we're going to talk about a new weapon, it might be the mage I've seen.
  8. Speaking as a priest, I think that when a new weapon comes, a new shield will also come.
  9. +1 + I don't know if it can be done, but many people cross the race and farm comfortably while farming. Can a system be made to prevent this? Unfortunately, despite speaking to people who did this, I didn't get any positive feedback. As a result of this behavior, the action in cz decreases. Thx.
  10. Hello all, Please do not misunderstand me. The following are purely my own experiences. As a priest player, this is quite disturbing. Because I've never been this bothered by anything. The stun times are long and the catch rate is quite high. The effect of stun on priests will be wrong to compare with any other class. The priest's inability to heal or walk for 3 seconds (if there is an attack on it) negatively affects the pk. I would like also to mention; Not only rogues but every class disables debuff skills. If I exaggerate, we can use debuff skills if no one is attacking us. We are not as disturbed by this situation as stun. We can heal, we can run. we can save ourselves, we can continue the pk. I would also like to say again that; nova easily disables heal skills and debuff skills. While under attack by meele, the disable rate of heal skills is low. NOTE: Some friends talked about the damage of mages. Unfortunately, I do not have the experience to comment on this subject. what I wanted to say was just the effects on the priests. BUT my guess is they might be right. because resistance values seen in new armors are higher than those of old armors. this means that resistance values are increased without any improvement to increase dmgs. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Tomato for the suggestion. I also get uncomfortable with people who gain unfair gain/reward. I'm not sure how to prevent it exactly, but this afk control system is insufficient.
  12. Nikos, first of all, thank you very much for your update. Now, I myself buy big sc's with 99% pk stones. Rune of ultima only wants cash. Could we possibly get a rune of ultima with pk stone? Thank you in advance
  13. Funny pk. Thx to everyone who in in that video. Only one should do a favor and tell what the debuf 57 skill is for. I did not see it shot once in the 8-min video. I hope he's not playing 70 heals.
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