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  1. Nice suggestions, man! That would be really pleasant for newcomers and people who stopped playing (such as myself)! It'll take a while for this to be implemented, but once it does, it'll give the server a really nice boost. I'm really looking forward to see what the GMs have to say about it.
  2. Tbh, man, i'm not so sure if that would be a good idea, at least for newcomers. I tend to agree with @AlextazY, specially because of the players' division of fully gear and those who aren't that much. If you fall in the second case, unless you're an int priest (my case), nobody will even look at you at cz, should you have the beginner gear (unless people from the opposite nation, as they will love the easy NP :P). I kinda left the server because of this (and i've barely been able to play anything, so no gear improvement for me, which is, ofc, my fault as well). Some people are eager to pay to get better and stuff, but some aren't. IMHO, i think changing luff/emc drops would work as much as you're proposing, but with a lower price, since, should i come back to play, at least i can farm on my own without worrying about getting raided in CZ by a whole opposite nation party (it is annoying, but, heck, it's all part of the game.). But that's just an opinion of someone who barely logs anymore, but i felt like sharing my thoughts about it. ON THE OTHER HAND, i don't see why both couldn't be made, though. I just fear that real currency purchases would unbalance things even more than they are balanced, even being true that people will get good gear faster. That would work if most people were eager to invest real money on it, which, tbh, i hardly think that's the case.
  3. Wow, these updates show promise! Very nice!
  4. I liked Glad's idea of putting MOCs in luff/emc. At least newcomers can get some RC/BC and try get some decent gear before going for PK. That would balance things a little, even with a lower drop rate.
  5. As much as i'm with you in terms of going to BDW to PK, i honestly think this would unbalance things a lot, man. I mean, the parties with better gear always would win, no matter what. If i'm missing any point, please, forgive me, but doing such a thing would always assure that the best geared party wins. Since BDW won't choose players according to their gear, so the event can be very unbalanced the way it is. Buffing the monument and allowing the healing would kill any chance of a weaker party to win. Since you can win BDW by either killcount or by killing the monuments, the latter is indeed a valid strategy to the event. At least in my opinion, it seems that, doing what you're proposing is not too far of saying "please, don't let people win by monuments, only by kill count". But since Thanos will work something out, i guess all we have to do is wait. Once again, if i missed something, i'm apologizing in advance.
  6. Wow, what a sad post. :/ I hope this decision can be reviewed, and you can come back to play with us, bro. :/
  7. Sweet specs, bro! Wow! Anyways, back to the main topic. It could also be the other player's side too. Maybe his internet was unstable at the time. From what we got so far, it's a little hard to tell it's cheating. It seemed a visual bug imo (i could be wrong, ofc)
  8. It was a shock for me when i found out, but it is possible to be a visual bug, man. It's normally related to either your or his internet connection. Sometimes, the information won't load properly on both sides and generates this visual bug. On his side, you could be dead for a while, but on yours, you're outrunning him, but he "attacks" you from far away. Of course, it's up to the GMs determine that. They'll be able to do so. I'm saying this cuz i already got killed on those situations and always thought some people here to be cheaters too. Once i found out, i was a little surprised. Haha I dunno if that would help, but here's one example of actual cheating. You can clearly see the priest is healing while walking.
  9. It's a little hard to tell, man. It could be a visual bug. It happened a lot with me when pking. I would be cheating if, i dunno, he could duff you when walking or something like that. Maybe i'm wrong and he's in fact cheating, but, for me, looks like one of those visual bugs. :x
  10. Time and place, man. Time and place. But i kinda agree that accusing is one thing, proving is another. Well, let's wait and see.
  11. Wow, i guess clan rivalry can get outside the game, huh...
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