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  1. lol It's just prove me again that you guys are bad winners . You guys are calling people noob and some other words that i wont use here when you win . You're not even able to say good fight or it was a nice CSW . Who cares who wins . I've never seen Smileagain clan saying s"hit" to people when we had like the castle for like 3 months in a row . The last csws in clan chat we were all happy that we had great times and they were some good fight even if we lost or win . But you guys act like you win the world cup or anything trophys . and btw im a noob player and you guys are the one that keep killing me when i try to farm so saying people killing the little ones apply to your clan too . ** thats my opinion from a guy that plays for the last 6-7 months . but i still love u all .
  2. Maybe it's because they come now with the beginner gear so you cant trade them
  3. I like how smileagain always get some trashtalk about how we complain Ive been with them since I joined the server and they only complain I heard was I got shell+7 and sometime I dont descent . stop hating and love each other . One day we'll all cry because this server will die , so just enjoy your time bitches.
  4. this upgrade looks good but not for new comers or beginners like me that still wear shell+7
  5. i saw the same problem with a human mage near orc base in a rock that kept tp sin that was spike town like PENTAXIM , MULTIPLE_FLECHAS; and others
  6. i agree . im not that new anymore but i still have some shitty gear and im lucky that i have clan members to help or else i would of quit long time ago
  7. ahhhhhh well if you want to have some respect you should not always talk about gay people here
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