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  1. All I will say is that last csw I made 40k nps do the maths 300 clan won 3 times and made pk video Imagine how many videos we have keeping it for months PS: You should also record when you guys relog on orc assasins to try and get the bosses
  2. I would suggest making a new account since you dont have any speciall gear to be honest and its going to be a lot quicker making a new char I can also help you exp if you need to and also some begginer items my char name is : DaPROFESSORRRR
  3. yesterday's csw for sure was fun~! Its normal for the mages to hit the crystal from the outside with novas because its an aoe(area of effect) skill but beeing able to attack the crystal with range skills from the outside its not.. They should be blocked by an object ...and it was really crazy to see for the assasins to be able to drain from the outside aswell ... Im not crying or anything we did not lose because of that but its unfair for everyone not just for our clan because next time we can get it back the same way and its not cool .. Either @GM_Thanosor @nikos32was online and Im sad they did not comment this at all... anyway I know it will get fixed because this is not the right way to win the castle
  4. As a player that has been playing since the Launch of this database I totally agree with you. Releasing few more levels on this version as you said would be kinda hard because if I am not mistaken some people already metioned this idea and it has been discussed ..But there are plenty of other things that can be changed to help the new commers and also bring back some older players as well. Overall I can also feel the "frustration" of gearing up and catching up with the rest but then that's where the old clans are for...Joining a clan will really help you gear and have fun pking and I know most of the clans in the server are really helpfull (haha) So yeah that it my advice for you I hope you enjoy your gameplay and have fun (because some people forget that this is a game and they take it way too serious) Cheers mate!
  5. if sins like your clannies are killing the farmers then something is wrong with them boy ....
  6. Well since everyone is having more fun like that I would prefer the HP and AC increased (And I am not speaking for my clans prespective) so even if some other clan takes it to be able to regroup and try to defend because The crystal can be attacked from the outside of the room as well by the mages !
  7. @GM_ThanosI apologise for my language I understand it was not polite but if we talk like real human beeings you guys are not professional at all and this is just my opinion nothing to offend you or something ... Im sure you have seen and played many servers over the years and I am also sure you never saw a CSW like this version where GM takes the healing of the crystal out... Not even close to professionals ...To make those types of changes in a server you need AT LEAST to make a poll and ask about opinions what you guys did now is just a silly move without logic at all ... If you guys feel offended by my words I would totally accept to get banned from the forums! The mistake you guys are doing is that you really do whatever people are crying about and I have many many examples to give you but it would make this post even bigger ....And btw its the first time I see @GM_Thanos giving someone a warning and telling me to take care of my words ...because I can also show you many other people talking shit and nothing happened to them so I think you are just picky and this is not professional as well ....If you guys were professionals you would keep the server alive not kill it slowly ....You dont even announce at least 1 day before your GM event which is the only event that can bring pk and keep the server alive ...If you think what you are doing and those updates are professional sorry but I dont agree...!
  8. Idiots like you deserve this server
  9. Disable the healing of the center artifact in CSW sorry but it's total bullshit ! This is the only server in the whole world I see this stupid shit ... Show me one server that has disabled the healing of the crystal ffs !
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