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  1. griff

    Server Restart

    I think we need a reset or a new server...
  2. I think this issue should be locked, there is nothing left to talk about this issue....
  3. celallenme gibi bir durum yok saçmalıyorsun hala. Bu oyundaki en güzel şey sohbet etmek benim için , o yüzden dost önemli oyunda pek çok dost edinip reeldede devam edebiliyoruz 40 yaşındayım ben kimlerden dost olur olmaz çok iyi biliyorum sen onu dert etme dost lazım moduna geldiysen bence psikolojik bir hastalığın olabilir biraz sosyalleşmen fayda sağlar sanıyorum.. iyi dileklerin için teşekkürler
  4. Anlaşma felan yok!!! senin clanındada oynadım drop aldık pay istermisin diye sordun onu bile almadım senin clanında yanlış bir şey yaptımmı? kıçı kırık bir oyun için yalan söylecek yada bu kadar uzatacak değilm hala aptal aptal konuşuyorsun banlandım bitti neyin derdindesin oyun bu kazanabilirsinde kaybedebilirsinde ,haksız yere şikayet edip banlattığın halde sana karşı olumsuz herhangi bir şey söylemedim biraz kişilik sahibi olsan sanki biraz dostların olurdu ve keyif alırdın bence oturup bir düşünmelisin saygılarımla
  5. You still don't understand. I don't want you to open my ban, I just want you to see the right thing. The tuğra, which lasted 30 minutes, stopped playing in the 10th minute and left us alone with the other clan. Why shouldn't they cut us off? Maybe it's my fault, is it a crime to keep pressing OK? Since the tugra is standing, you expect us to stop? There were 12 minutes before the event ended, they could still win. Your attempt to make me and ourday clan look guilty makes me very sad. We are fighting with the orc clans against the Ourday clan in the CSW wars. Why is this banned? I played together with Tuğra clanında guys, and I don't think there is anyone who knows me and will say something bad about me. many of them sent you a Pm because they are not affiliated with the forum but you don't take any of them serious. it's just a game and facing such an accusation embarrasses me good luck to everyone, hope we meet in other SWs
  6. They cut me and printed points on their digits, then they stopped playing and let them cut us. We left before the event ended and they could win after we left. It's totally bullshit that you put all this blame on me and punish me I thought you were fair I was wrong !! Have fun everybody
  7. I have nothing left to say about this issue. Can you tell me if you can open my ban or not? I will not bother you about this issue any more.thank you for your effort already
  8. ingilizcenimi geliştirmeye çalışıyorsun çokmu yalnızsın amacın ne anlamadım
  9. So many players are saying positive things about me, believe me, this is a mistake I am not the kind of person you think If you have the chance, re-examine it and make your final decision.
  10. We were 5 people and we did not have a priest. There were 2 full parties in front of us. I died 27 times on both sides.They didn't even let us out, and when they let us out, we quit the event.
  11. You can unblock someone who cheats and makes a profit, but you don't even give me the right to answer please remove my ban
  12. Hmmm...maybe they don't have priests !! maybe they made a treaty !!i hope someone doesn't want them to be banned
  13. Have you ever looked at paranoico's items? and I witnessed int priests getting skills many times why don't you share the ones that died while fighting with your clan?
  14. Let me write more clearly so that you can understand, then our aim is not to have fun but to win, I don't know who will do such an agreement for what reason I played tuğra clan and I had no trouble with anyone. I think you say the deal is all paranoia.You keep throwing the same ss all the time. When tuğra clan doesn't fight, everybody else should stop ...lol
  15. 1. We entered 5 people (3 warrior and 2 rogue), there was no priest 2. and we died 20 times We killed 7 3. As far as I remember, Tuðra ™ clan killed us 5 times and Our Day Will Come clan 15 times npt did not exist. 4. And there we attacked every 2 clan you can do all the controls 5.we fight without seeing who was from which clan 6.Tuğra clan stopped fighting when he was left behind and left us alone with Our Day Will Come clan ,a war we cannot win 7.It can't be a normal situation as Our Day Will Come clan takes all te deaths before they fight 8.we left long before the event ended 9.I guess tuğra sees me and my clan as responsible for failing to win 10.I have been playing with the same acc and nick for about 4 years without even the slightest warninh and I think i dont deserve it. Can you review it again pls?
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