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  1. He kinda weird...sometimes he's weak and easy...sometimes his hp is not even moving down no matter how much he gets hit. I really find he's a little weird, as is he use something sometimes and maybe manual sometimes...i don't get it either... *not accusing but kindly please check on him once in a while, dear admin.
  2. few hours ago https://ibb.co/JdCtzX0 I just don't understand why people wanna nt orcs so badly ..is it really bcos human too many or they wanna enter bf first..
  3. low drop for talia parts...reduce durability from 5k to 3k, def from 50 to 40, super magic hammer craft fee been increased from 30m to 50...maybe it's time to remove acid too?
  4. if sin class was made for that why need to extra boost to it?
  5. every class have their own weakness but this boosting thing is ridiculous. I was using dd helm , talia dd 50 + dd shield 24 ..still die easily with 3 sins without buff, with heal some more, i love this server so much i dont want to ruin it. Don't be selfish. You know what im talking about right now.. this is not about winning all the time, this is about having fun while playing game also.. again this is not complaining just care about this server..peace I vote for gm to make it to normal again no need to boost anything
  6. Mages party will die soon or later when player gear up..i didnt complain..just think about it..think again..ok?
  7. You try to kill mage party by making warrior super boost and fill the bowl with assasin party? Lol think again please...no need to boost anything..just let it be..this is abnormal
  8. this boost assasin thing is stupid I think..3 sins hide and kill..u cant even move from hb or ob, they already op if in sin party gosh
  9. I was thinking..why am i always on losing side? why don't i just nt to the stronger side like the rest of this immature/afraid to lose/ wanna win all the time player did. am i stupid? am i too brave? or maybe i just don't like it easy... No Challenge = No Glory!!
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