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  1. Bp's are the best char you can choose ;), i dont get it why ppl think AP is everything on bps, you are the only char that can tank 2 guys and kill them (if there is not a light mage ofc, stun rate is broken on bps), so you just need to show how you play ur bp and can have a party on everything. Let me know if you want to vs, cuz there are not enough bps in the server to vs with!
  2. hi Niko, i just bought class change voucher with other account (the one that i donated with) so i can give it to my warrior and i didnt read it wasnt tradeable :(, i donated with the priest instead of warrior but the shield just burned so i wanted to class change my warrior who has the shield, but didnt read it. I would appreciate it if you can help me
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