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  1. Hello, Selling the following for GBs ONLY: - 2x Selfnames+7 - ROL - 2x Rogue Earring - Rogue Chitin Shell Set+7 Feel free to pm me here or in game (Same nickname).
  2. I don't know if it's possible or not - but applying buying merchant is pretty good. Just throwing it here into the air to see what you guys think
  3. If BUS would've sold to 500~600k then it'd impact the economy. 150k is nothing.
  4. Hello, Been farming a lot lately and I've found it kind of annoying to upgrade high-class items to +3. It's basically pointless because +1 > +3 is 100%. Also, BUS costs 150k on merchants which is cheap. Therefore I suggest to change the drops on high-class items from +1 to +3. Hope this makes sense, Thanks in advance, Tomato.
  5. Item Sold: Price - 10k KC, Elemental Pendant and Shard+7
  6. Hello, Selling MD+8, willing to trade for either KC or GBs. Feel free to contact me here or ingame. Thanks in advance, TomatoDePotato.
  7. Hello, Been ks'd twice during last night's bowling by some wallhackers. I am sure there are plenty of users who are using the similar hack under your radar. Please do something to enforce it (GMs) because it feels like it's getting passed by. Wall of honor: SPARTACUS, Trickster (both used wallhack to get mini bach inside castle).
  8. Hello, Been noticing some random damage failures that happens quite frequently on my skills (Assassin). The animation plays and the skill is casted but it deals no damage. I don't know about other classes but I heard warriors are having the same. Would appreciate it if you could look this up, Thanks in advance, Tomato.
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