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  1. He wasn't wearing any, Besides I have got iron set + wings of god + 2x DV+8 + 2x Imir+1. Even if he had worn DD helmet + talia with DD he wouldn't be able to beat me especially with 95% of health.
  2. Hello, Just had the pleasure to vs "The best sin I've ever seen". after a 40~50 seconds long VS this beauty won me with 95% HP. Let's be honest - that shiet ain't possible, not to mention my years of experience with sin, also considering the fact that i have 10x times better items than him. Please check it out, let me know if you want more proofs, will be glad to help. We've got to get this poison out of our server. Thanks in advance, Tomato. @nikos32
  3. As said in title, Looking for a Dark Vane+8. Feel free to contact me here via private message or in-game, same nickname as here. Thanks in advance, Tomato.
  4. I have to stand by Odius888, This dude was totally harassing him, especially in Moradon - shouting nonstop and making millions of threads on forums. I also witnessed him accusing and cursing "son of a b.itch" for multiple times.
  5. Hello, Been trying to NT a couple of times in the past two weeks, and every attempt had failed due to an automated system that calculates the active PK members on each side. At the moment, it shows a difference of 9 more PK active orcs than humans. The bottom line is that it's basically incorrect, there are way more active humans than orcs. As I'm writing this topic there are 122 humans and 58 orcs in CZ. Please do something about N
  6. I never meant to hit 5 and 3 arrows while being in a far distance from target. I'm talking about hitting 3 or 4 arrows while target is tanking me. And not to mention that if somebody slides it hits only one arrow. So it's not a fact, it's your opinion. I got absolutely no problem to go to arena with you and test it.
  7. I've been playing archer for many years mate, with my experience I can assure you that it has never been like that. When I'm showering a standing target sometimes only 4 or 3 arrows hit. With all due respect "this is exactly the same" isn't the answer I was looking for.
  8. You're absolutely right Mr Aussie, though I was talking about a human side clan
  9. Hello, After owning the server in the last version, and with the lack of an active English-Speakers clan on our side, I've decided to bring back the old jewel, "TheReal". For players who want to have the best PK experience and get a new home, feel free to PM me here or ingame, same Nickname. Yours, Tomato.
  10. Hello, Selling the following: - Skeleton Belt - Helenid-Crossbow +7 - Shio Tears Feel free to pm me here or in-game, same nickname.
  11. Hello, Been playing archer since V. I of the server, I've never had a worse experience than I've had in the couple last days. First of all, the damage on each arrow is actually good, but the range is very unlike the other versions nor any other private servers whatsoever. If the target moves in a slight distance from the archer, only 1 arrow hits, even if it's still in range to hit at least 3 arrows, Therefore, it makes archers extremely vulnerable against sliders - basically archers are useless because everyone is sliding. Even if the person uses S combo, and the dis
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