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  1. Hello, Just a slight improvement that in my opinion can be good for the farmers, Make it available to trade monster stones. Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer.
  2. Selling the following items: Hell Breaker +8 Unholy Aegis +8 Wings of the Butterfly 2x Warrior Earring+1 I am trading for GBs only.
  3. Hello, Right before I'm done with the server after trying too hard to suggest stuff that completely been ignored, I just want to share with you guys about a player who's items more important to him than his own dignity. I am talking about LaughingGOR, who challenged me in Moradon for a vs, and the winning side gets ROF+1. I obviously took him down with a score of 5-0 and all of a sudden he goes afk. Then he logs into multiple characters of his saying it's a friend and not the real GOR. This message is for you LaughingGOR - You are a low-player. Next time don't challenge people for a vs and run away. I had no doubt that I'll kick your face without any problems. (Sculpy I'm waiting for your toxic comment down below).
  4. The nickname that I want is on an account that I don't have access to anymore. I wish to take it back.
  5. It's not about the letters, I simply can't log into the account. I don't want to gain access to that certain character, I just want to take back my nickname.
  6. Hello, A couple of months ago, I have been playing on my friend's account who had left the server, With one of the updates that changed the login into the client to be the same as the panel, I've been getting fails to log into the account. Since then I've already played on an original account of mine, but I lost my nickname in the process. I would very much appreciate if you could help me restore my nickname into my existing character. Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer.
  7. Hello, Due to the position of the server with barely 30 players online, the market is pointless and roughly alive at this certain level, especially for a rare item such as Valkyrie armor. I've already made a post on this subject, but in this one I'm gonna make a more specific poll. I suggest to make it able to Pack and Unpack Valkyrie armors on +7 & +8, in the same method of Selfname packing system, and give those who've busted their asses on making those armors a possibility to change their classes without worrying about their armors. This whole idea should work with a certificate system ; If a player wishes to change his class from priest, and he has Valk Pauldron+7, he will have to un-equip the armor, and pack it into a Valkyrie armor Certificate (+7 or +8) and then unpack it into an actual Valkyrie armor part. This idea could save a lot of hours on pointless farm, and still make Valkyrie armors more desired and exclusive. Hope it makes sense, Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer.
  8. Hello, Many people in the server have been asking how I've gotten to have 3 parts of Valkyrie +7. Well, mostly it's some hard work, but I will "reveal my secret" in this post. First, you gotta get as many cavalries as possible. Cavalry is a good source of RC/BC+4, Leather and Ebony Ingots. Second, I strongly recommend farming VCG in bowl. Their drop rate is good and you can get a lot of materials from them. After obtaining 1-2 pages of inn filled with Armors +4, try to upgrade them to +6. Then, take all the Armors that you've upgraded to +6 and melt them into Brimstone or Ebony Ores and then to Refined Brimstone or Ebony Ingots. The rest is kinda easy, all you gotta do is get Silver Ingots which you can get by melting any Shell armor that was gotten from gems, and Leather Strips from BF Fragments. Bosses, Felankors and some mobs such as Dark Mares can drop Dragon Bones in a good rate too. It can take between 1 to 2 days to get a Valk Part +1. I hope this guide helps some of you, Happy Hunting, ExclusiveMurderer.
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