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  1. Wait, since when is "LMFAO" insulting anybody? Lol
  2. this guy duffing from so far away you can clearly tell its too far for me to duff he did it so man times only recorded 2 times though Also I noticed it was impossible to cancel him aswell
  3. Its funny tho, check his acc on the panel, he has 0 items he is running, moved his items to a new char hahahah
  4. The macro also cures you without casting? Serious question, dirty cheating slut
  5. DUDE STFU macro doesn't make you hit like that who are you trying to fool you cheating slut, pack your bags because u are getting banned along side you friend DOM
  6. Stfu you damn hacker even if u were right behind him you can't R attack and skill attack at the same time while u are chasing noob
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srgFBo6m9ds&ab_channel=LOLOLOLOLKnightOnline this guy is using that hack that works on the 1299x files that you can hit R attack and Skill damage at the same time, he isnt using it at the start but turns it on at the last 10 secs if you look closely you can see it LeqendsForever is his nick and his boyfriend DOM is using as well they have been reported many times and it shouldnt be our job to have to record them for you to actually ban them https://streamable.com/5du3q1 On this clip you can actually see how he cures without casting and still r
  8. im sorry but this is dumb, exactly what has happen with so many other servers, they macro farm with their 10 pcs= kill the servers economy
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