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  1. Hello all As i know bf rings dropping from the frags. Why dont u trying to farm the frags? İ am seeing orcs always aoe the bf monsters. Humans dont farming bf. Thank you
  2. Merhabalar, serverin resetlenmesinden yaklasik 1-2 ay kadar sonra bu user sayisina gelmekte. Resetlendikten sonra sizler gibi bir suru arkadas burada olacak sonra yine ayni seviyelerde olacak. Reset esasen 1-2 aylik periyodu etkiliyor. Amac pk / farm ise buyrun simdi gelin, 15 aktif user serveri cok daha keyifli kilacaktir. Selamlar
  3. Bence bir galatasarayli on bin fenerbahceliyi yok eder. Not. Ulke isimleri yazamadim. İrkcilikla suclanmayalim diye.
  4. İ hope nikos care BA chars which is in the rocks. As i remember POREDA already made a topic for that. Same person and he is doing many bugs or hacks?? Hope he gonna punish soon.. And i want to see how he is going unaccesable areas?? Without using hacks??? Ps: better to say GORR instead of all clan.
  5. Merhabalar, Hep aynı kişiler oyundaki bugları kullanıp haksız kazanç sağlamaktadırlar. Ana hesaplarının incelenmesi durumunda karşınıza çıkacak isimlerden o kadar eminim ki... Bu alt karakterlerin ceza alması, bu kişi nezdinde önemsizdir. Ana karakterleri ceza almadığı müddetçe, günün birinde :; gidecek yerine ::; gelecek. Bilgilerinize,
  6. Hey Jhodious, i will reply u ( have free time) and i will try to explain with examples and ll reply ur message step by step. Maybe examples will be help. Sorry for advance reply. Ps: i will edit that message. Good luck, have fun.
  7. Hey odious man, 1) just try to think respawn time the other bosses and other goblins... That spawn bug avaible just for that two goblins. Think again could u know sq respawn time so sharply? İ made a topic about that issue. İ think u misses it? Where where u while we discussing? Why didnt u tell ur toguhts? İ think u killed one more time while i m trying to reply you. 2) Market demans always chanced the prices. İ mean professional ko growing and refreshing itself. Soo try ti hug chancing.. Who knows maybe nikos will make chance for goblins. Ps : Sorry for s
  8. l0l First of all i think bravery prices instantly go high.. cuz too many new stuff need bravery for craft. Second things i m not crying for an odious. ı just tell the BUG in that game. You can keep killing odious it is np for me. Johnny 123818472 vs odious 0 Ps: I love you so much when you don't make an alliance Good luck mate.
  9. İf increase the bravers price problem will fix. Dont cry too much. Think analytic. Cya odious man
  10. Thx for good news. I hope thats update will be bring some action here. Please consider to make difference about Odious / Gems Goblin. Thanks in adv.
  11. Darakor


    Nasıl komikli bir konu bu. Madem niyetin bu kadar iyiydi, pm atarak yapabilirdin. Komikli arkadaşım.
  12. Hi ALL; First of all, I am not sure whether this is the appropriate place for the subject or the recommendations section. When I think about it, I think it is a bug. Those who follow the game see that these goblins are permanently killed by someone. These people arrive at the location about 1 minute before the re-spawn time and wait. The fact that these people knew the re-spawn time so sharply made it question the possibility of a bug in the game. - orc and human should not be re-spawn at the same time interval. How eslant bosses don't happen at the same time. - Can
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