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  1. İ had same trouble 2 3 month before. That problem was avaible around 1 weeks. İ tryed many things to fix it. Later suddenly fixed byself. İ get suspisious about ips. Could u check it with vpn? Good luck.
  2. Hello mate. Sorry to hear that. İf u have a patience u will be a medium gear with in 2 weeks. And think there is one another window to look and empatience... İdk who is that ppl keep killing u. But that guy could play since from beginings. Maybe farmed more than u 10000x times. Now i can u can make a medium gear in 2 weeks with any class.. Also i can say there s always chance to catch old ppl. Cuz fela could be soon...Valkry armours so easy to farm/make. Good luck
  3. Firstly welcome to here mate. Better to join a helper clan(do not mean items, which clan help about farming tips or have farming ppl so u can join farm parties) Here some greatest players @bozo77, @elProfessor. İ m sure they will help u. İf u dont have a good gear every sins can kill u easly. That make u bored from game. İ think u should make a warrior, if u have good skils, that class give some chance to get fun on pk(with a party). Also u can farm with warrior too. İf need any help or question let me know. Goodluck
  4. Happy Eid Mubarek guys.
  5. Dear bozo also unhealable to csw monu will bring more pk. Do not focus only how u keep caslte.. Also i hope u dont mention about pk to me. İ talked with you about pk and balance. U dont care pk... Now i wonder hownu caring fight in bdw? And how u cant see new csw will bring more pk.. U r not talking frankly..
  6. As i said that was not neccessary increase hp and ac. Anyway if u gave that decision its ok for me. Thank you mr thanos. Also thank you for updating for csw monu. Thanks to all. İ hope bozo happy now:)
  7. +1 No respect to players even gms.
  8. Nice update thank you Nikos. Yeah u r right unfairguay77.
  9. Gay ppl have my all respect in my personal life. İ never judge them, i always support them in my personal life. İ do not curious about why u get offense. İ will tell u a story about that things. Why darakor saying like that in that forum. İ will catch u in game...
  10. İ do not want speak like u... Once u sent a message on chat about my father and closet. İ did not reply that time. Now i mentioned that message too. if u have a trouble with me do not send that on topic send me a pm better to discuss in pm. İf u wanna still reply here with no respect. İ will ignore you. İ sent many message here, that all messages were in respect. İf we are gonna turn then case. İ totally agree with thanos. With love.
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