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  1. Hi, Nikos, I'm glad you are doing well. With the advancement of the game, it is uncomfortable to drop opal earring, ring of magic, low price items, maybe you should replace them, because it is unprofitable to kill isilon. Here are some suggestions. 1. Maybe you could add elemental rings to isilon. 2. Remove ROM,ROF,ROC from the isilon and the other items that they contribute. 3. You could add the Juraid's earrings, as a replacement. 4. Here is a personal whim, increase the Boro drop .
  2. 1ro la cuenta que asesinaste es rogue (cuenta secundaria de un orco, como todos lo saben) 2do todos estábamos en la base, manteniendo la ventaja de 1, pues jugar 5 meles contra un party completo no es sencillo, peor aun teniendo al mago que tenias en el party y la ventaja de un priest. 3er el no fue a intentar matarte se suicido 2 veces, las 2 que necesitabas para ganar. 4to eres sky , la verdad se que no sucederá nada, es tu palabra contra la mía, en fin. 5to pi 9.
  3. Teniamos una ventaja de 1 kill en el evento LNS, eramos meles y ellos un party con priest incluido, el puntaje era 4 -3, con ventaja para el lado humano, hasta que como siempre el mas legal del juego hizo esto. https://ibb.co/J20cntm gracias por su atención!
  4. the trina, at a 40m merchant price, I think we can only hope for miracles at anvil.
  5. that day gambler lost the honor, they behaved like what they are, fucking noobs.
  6. http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/121-how-to-make-8-items-credits-pizdets/ guia :V
  7. understand the statistics of independent events, the montecarlo to be precise.
  8. I was jailed for this, I was not banned because I was new and unknown, it is true JrAcura there are things that as in life one can do, but should not, because they are the rules, you can steal, but should not, BUT YOU NOTSOBAD, your friend is incredible.
  9. it is better not to respond to the haters. Because we all know that you are e gm_Thanos
  10. Ayer mientras caminaba en slant, me mato un troll berseker, perdí experiencia, talvez podrían revisar mi caso.
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