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  1. shadow / kitti / alextaz / thejudge / linebacket / shady / wooti / 2partys mago / 2mele VS 1 mago / 2 meles ..... . Accept it 300 fue más, gano el clan novato, eres predecible, mi querido amigo ..........
  2. @ nikos32 Darth_fool worked his ass off and dealt with the scary magic anvil, he got his valk +7 and Hb+8, he didn't steal it, I think you know who the responsible for this is, though, you punished Darth_fool, because he is the one online. Some reasonable period of time as a punishment is comprehensible, but I do believe you are a kind person; free my friend.
  3. @nikos32 @GM_Thanos Today 09/07at 20:00 time on the server, I had a full inventory and the award was given to me incomplete, please help me, thanks in advance, and greetings. https://ibb.co/qMYKxX6 nick in game: FermuriaN
  4. I never complained about the healing, the CSW artifact, but if it was shit, I used it to defend it, but now you made it more fair, thanks nikos.
  5. CR 500 deaths for a trina you should change it, I propose the following alternatives. 1. 50 kills a black or silver bar / random. 2. 150 kills, 2 random bars / silver or black. This will encourage the pk and not the farm by the Valkyries that brought a lot of activity for a while to the server.
  6. In usko the time of appearance of Felankor is in peak time of pk, you could apply that in the server, that is to say isilon at 20 and 5 hours of the server, for pk turkia and amarica, with a high rate of fall, so that the clans, join parties and call friends.
  7. It is not macro, Timur's abilities are the same as Mindkras's, although the latter is better, I'm not saying it, it's the K / D rank.
  8. Recuerdo bien como empezó esto, paranoico y yo tenemos la culpa, lo admito, a la nación orca le faltaron secerdotes, por lo que perdieron, luego la nación orca puso en fila 4 sacerdotes, entonces fue imposible matarlos en la bdw, así que empezamos a matar solo el cristal, y ganamos muchas veces de esa manera, incluso con el marcador en contra de 20-0. Entonces no es el parche, son las estrategias, como en CSW, así que golpear 5 grupos no romperá el cristal porque tienes 5 sacerdotes dando curación, bueno, serían 7, pero 2 fueron prohibidos por usar koxp.
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