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  1. online 30min per day to get felankor(350GB) and iron NK(500GB) ,,thk for u teach me to be a loser in this server. it look so smart.
  2. Thk for this setting!! NOW I MORE FOR SURE TO UNDERSTAND FOR WHY THEY have to kneel for any leader/player!!!! Thk For this setting!!!! ,it make MORE STUPID for Solo is a joke and STUPID in server for 100 times. i love this setting!!!.,..it look so smart,!!!! OMG what a wonderful world !!!!. GM please ask ur friends to do this, Because what it look like is More Smart way to play in this server!!! GOD BLESS YOU.
  3. Kneeling in front of the team leader, just like working for a big company in reality ,make game but still play just like dog in reality live. why some one choose SOLO mode?this is game, and u want he back to live again. just be a dog to some one.
  4. Solo Player hard to play on this server ,, i am one of them ,this why i less on 9. Felankor,,iiision ..yes yess good ...let big CLAN take all POWER ITEM and TAKE CZ all the time. let solo player kill bach and get ROL. good setting..i love it so much.
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