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  1. get rid of bringing drain char to cut felankor 😀
  2. There are not enough users on the server. We couldn't kill FELANKOR with 5 people today. You must reduce FELANKOR hp
  3. Evet tam'da istediğim bu. User azaldı ve felankoru kesmek zor. Sadece aşkamları biz kesiyoruz. (Ultima içinde bir düzeltme yapmak gerekiyor)
  4. As you know, felankor has become the biggest problem on this server. and people had to make 2 or 3 entries to kill him. my suggestion: FELANKOR dropout time 3 and 4 hours drop rate 25% / 20%. make the hp like a mini isilion. Thanks in advance,
  5. https://ibb.co/N2mjcMP bu resmi başka bir xxx sunucu'da gördüm burası'Da version1299 server burda yedek invertory var sizde yaparbilirsiniz diye dünüşüyorum.
  6. gösterdigimi özelliklere ihtiyaç var yedek invertory lazım trina kasıyoruz yer olmuyor
  7. +2 should come now I shared the picture. For those who want to farm, they can do it in ego. https://ibb.co/9vzV2hs https://ibb.co/BZP3XSm There is no place when making a farm. spare invertory needed https://ibb.co/xjy6P95
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