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  2. Competition always has an end with all it's good and bad actions/memories, but sharing a message at the end with sincere and kind words is something valuable. I would like to thank you for both message and contribution to keep server alive. See you in the future.
  3. How about 40th wave - Manticore 41th wave - Dark Mares 42st wave - Dread Mare 43nd wave - Beast 44rd wave - Falcon 45th wave - Fallen Angel
  4. Poison Ring +0's req materials are good tho. BDW (element) instead of Poison and FR/SHIO/IMIR instead of Foverin would do. Implementing different elemental versions is way enough imo.
  5. Heya, Server had like 30-35 active users until last patch and nowadays we have like 60-70 (both numbers includes merchant chars) There's also new players. To keep progress in the server with this population, we need their help and they need our help to be able to cooperate in events. I know 5K is not that high amount. But still, for someone who recently joined it's something to struggle with. So I recommend to remove NP requirement for Events, atleast for until 24.07.2020 while all other effects are going on.
  6. Another #1 gets the reward as usual. I just mean, if someone disconnects and reconnects to game, shouldn't lose the progress made and get reward if he's online at rewarding time. In case #1 is not online at exact moment, #2 (actual #1 in onlines) should get reward as expected.
  7. Bone Dragon is far one of easiest one among new mats. Besides we're capable of killing Felankors as a big clan, any individual player is also able to farm it inside JM. The only improvement we need for individual players is making it a flat drop or flat event reward instead of luck dependency with autoloot system in JM. In this case, if you're an unlucky person, there is a possibility you don't obtain any Dragon Bone in JM because of 'loot' and 'autoloot' system. Lowering drops inside Bone Dragons from 3 to 1 and putting an event win reward like ' JM winner side might get 1 or 2 dragon bones, flat' would be better for individuals. Also Brimstone and Ebony Ingot mats are another bottleneck in this mats list. Like Tomato recommended, they can be added to Cavalry drops with a rate. It would make Cavalries valuable again and allow Valkyrie to be crafted easier. We craft +1 at the end, it might even burn to +5 with Trina So making things extremely hard in an approximately ~45 online PVP server isn't something that 45 would be happy with, since there's less competition with current user population.
  8. Thank you. Check current amount of Butterfly Wing's in game and considering its releasing date, it's very rare to find a Rainbow Goblin, even we find it, there's mostly no Wing drop inside
  9. Decrease Rainbow Goblin spawn time and increase drop rate of Butterfly Wings
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