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  1. I dont know who are you or how old are you (actually from what i read i can say you must be between 12 - 15 so i won't be too harsh on you kiddo.) First of all in order to be clear, this is my real account name. Not a newbie account... Also the topic and the request is completely irrelevant with you. I can see that you have no job or anything else to do and when your age is being considered its completely normal. So please dont be to hard on yourself. You also will manage to achieve something one day just like other people(Im not sure but wishing is good for starters). Just keep trying. But please dont stick your nose to every area you find, since its unhealty and also unnecessary. Instead of it i can recommend you very good e-learning platforms such as udemy and pluralsite which you can learn new things and improve yourself. Have a great day kiddo. I wish all the best for you. Sincerely, From an adult to a kiddo.
  2. Hi, Recently this account is banned due to macro usage. First of all i would like to say that i am sorry for the missunderstaning between us. After a little research i found out that macro is being used in that account and you have every right to bann the account. However, even it does not have too much value, i was keeping my friends cash and items in this account, i will kindly ask you to appeal the bann for my account or give me an opportunity to only get the items and cash back in order to return them to their owners. Thanks in advance... Regards,
  3. I didn't use anything, but I'm going to ask to my homemate in the evening. We are 2 players in the home. We are using the same IP, If he uses, this is not my fault. I didn't use on my characters.
  4. I was looking for Attila in Laiba, disconnected from server suddenly and I can't enter to my char anymore. When I checked on website, I saw that my character has been banned. What did I do?
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