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  1. Mate, u missunderstood this topic so badly, maybe u should reconsider it someday, when your brain is rest, i did this post about the CSW since the beggining of the first update, when we were still owning the castle, like we also after as well and we dont complain coz we lost it, we make a simple suggestion whats is about to be changed when i saw assasins draining from outside, i didnt even knew this might work, since we didnt lose the castle many times we didnt had time to ever even try this, so this is all about, its not about we lost the castle, coz u didnt did anything different or anything special, all u just did is was too to try to survive inside and hit the cristal for a few seconds, which is not hard at all, if u were doing something good u could take it many times before, but unfortunelly it happend only once and then we had only 3 priest online ....so try to watch your words carefully my dear friend...
  2. I have a few suggestions that require GM attention: 1. Can we try to do something with the lottery event while during biforst time? the only issues here is u cant see the remaining time info bar, when lottery event is on, it would help ppl inside biforst to decide what to do with the remining time, specially for ultima and not only... 2. The second thing is to try to move the Clan war a little bit later with 30 min later, so it wont start in the same time with biforst time.....we need some time to prepare for clan war ...cant do both at the same time.... 3. About the CSW Artifact, u were suppose to increase the AC AND HP BONUS of it after the POOL was finished.....but i didnt see any change....is dieing in 3 sec with only 1 pt atacking....anyone can just last hit IT....it has nothing to do with defending it....one random sin can try to sneak in the last minute....i dont know how u guys feel about it....but we should reconsider this a little bit, i understand no more heals, even it was like this for almost 1 year, but u cannot just kill it in seconds, BDW monument is harder then this which is a small war betwenn 8 vs 8 ppl.... 4. Another thing, is on CSW is not normal for the Cristal to be allowed to atack from outside the cristal ROOM, Assasins draining from outside the room and mages atacking after as well....the damage from outside should not be allowed.....
  3. 1. U make me laugh so hard :))) 2. Might work and put the materials drop on DM, TITAN, mobs that are not being farmed anymore 3. If all the players has valkyrie +7 already, u need to add a way to improuve the atack power as well, priests and wariors are way too tanky and with same weapons....armour and resistence are too high with all the curent updates but nothing changed on the atack power...
  4. Yo mate, BP is good enough to farm, and to get a little bit more defence u can go and farm FP +7 set in lufferson to dragon tooth skeleton outthere near raon camp, since upgrade rates are increased now, u can even try to make a set +8 ( they drop +7 directly) and yes, there is much less ppl farming atm, even GROWMASTER stopped farming that much which he was the only thing he was doing like 95% of the time, also McTP, and most of this situation we thank to nikos32, coz his too slow with updates and ppl got bored, farming uncounted days to gift anvil all have u made, anyway, u need some farm for pk maybe a few hours everyday with the BP and thats it, we will also help u, so no worries and keep going
  5. @Darakorit feels very good to have such fans, thank u ! For me healing by priests is a normal thing according to the importance of the event,it was pretty good as it was before, i never saw so many ppl at one event, making strategies and brining mages and ppl as many as they can, every csw was full of novas and good fights near the cristal room, when Blood was healing the cristal with 5-6 priests none of our clan members ever cryed about it,it was a normal thing to do, but i am sure for most of other clans is way too hard for them, so i would also like to animate the server like i mention on BDW post by increasing the HP and AC of the monu since the heal is disabled, just to encourage and bring more joy to the server community as it stands now, will vote for increase the HP and AC of the monu with at least 50%, ofc here also depends on the regen it has....if u keep the heal disabled and not increasing the HP and AC of monu, then will be same as BDW, and ppl wont PK inside, they would just keep rushing cristal without any fights coz they know at some point someone might get it, no strategies, no good priets, the only strategy inside will remain full atack builds, rush monu, no more WAR at all, defenders will just try to get as many kills as they can by protecting it but for the atackkers they will just run towards and try to sneak inside refusing to stand and fight for it, probably they wont even complete CR anymore, there only purpose gonna be take cristal and may God help u until the end to survive somehow....
  6. Yes @nikos32, the whole point of CSW here is about gathering ppl, old friends, new friends, advertise and set up new strategies to take the CSW, if u wana take it u can take it, anytime, and ofc its normal u need a good clan and organization for it, its normal for such important event, we lost a few times as well, and took it back even with 5-6 priets healing non stop, who says its impossible to take it its not true, its normal for small clans to have low chances to capture the cristal but at least they still have good pk in this event and they also complete CR, and also could motivate them to grow up there own clans or maybe form alliances to capture it.... The important matter as i see this event, it suppose to be hard, and its normal for the stronger clan to make a difference, and if u think about balacing it more, u can start by adding GMs and make more events and more updates every week, small changes but often, also maybe other kind of events inside the CSW maybe, so ppl can still have adrenaline in gaming, and ofc big clans will come back to server and gather to take Castle like old times, i mean to adjust an event due to low amount of PPL inside the server instead of making changes to increase the amount of players in the server, its making only other players just wonder themself if they should keep hope in this server or just give up coz of the changes that are being made without any analyzing and questioning the comunity inside.... Anyway, i dont wana be rude at all, dont get me wrong, we adapt anyway, SmileAgain will keep smileing no matter what changes will be made, coz its not the first time when we are facing this kind of situations....is one of the reasons our clan is called SmileAgain :))
  7. To be honest, players deserve respect as well, even coming from GMs, the server is alive coz of the players, any changes u do here, u do for the server not for the GMs, this is what i will never understand, u do such major update without making a pool votes, and simply destroy the players activity whitin seconds, with 0 respect about what they play and prepare for since the begining....forgive me if this sounds unrespectful coming from my side, but i simply respect u all, and i am consuming my time and energy to keep this comunity alive on this server since the first day, this data base, and the previous database as well....no hard feelings....i am just pissed
  8. Yea, i am very happy, this is all about me here right? @Darakorwill never grow, hopeless kiddo, @GM_Thanosincreasing the HP and AC of the cristal can just bring more WAR inside, nothing else, so ofc is better, but disabling the cristal healing on CSW and not Increasing ANY HP or AC of the cristal, is gonna be easier then BDW, anyone can take it, with 0 chances to defend since u can atack it from everyside, the most pretigious event in KO History will become easier then a BDW, and no strategies at all to capture it...just rush the monu and be happy u took the cristal once in your life in the only server of KO allowing this....
  9. And btw, @nikos32did u at least thought to at least increase the HP and AC of the cristal? so it wont die within 20 sec with 3-4 sin atacking it...? or at least not to be atacked from outside mages? this kind of major update requires some side improuvment, try to reconsider and not ruin it completly...even 1 begginer gear can try to steal it and go for last hit and take the cristal in the last sec ( maybe 1 solo in clan who will probably have to add ppl for isiloon to kill it for 1 week :)) ).. does this sounds like the most important and pretigious event ever made in Knight Online, which is held only one time per week? I dont know how the hell u get influenced so ez by making such a non-sense change, with no hard feelings about any players in this server...
  10. CSW was the most fun event ever left untouched and it was going very fine with it, now ruined the joy again to the only 1 good event who was gathering all of us for 1 purpose, i dont understand why these kind of changes are not making by pool votes, it sounds like this is not knight online anymore....no one can understand nothing anymore... I agree with the all other changes btw, i am shocked that even in so late period after the last update, something came up, i was losing hope for such a long time update, there are server who comes and goes down in the meanwhile this one is updated :) but doesnt matter is clueless my opinion, just to have a small conversation here, coz its one of the few things remain untouched..
  11. Yes, the whole point here is the other nation to have a chance, if they keep dieing, the monu HP is also regenerating by that time, and also the center monument is respawming meanwhile and can get ez killed if any of them go the center monu after they get some kills, or they can simply use 2-3 members of the party to go and re capture the center monu, strategies can be made of if u got some time to do it, all of them with risks ofc, but if u are pressure by that time, u cannot do anything else, instead of just trying to survive on your own base monu and hoping maybe the other pt is noob or they get DCED somehow, otherwise u are out of any option.... Again, i dont see any disadvantage if u just boost there HP and AC at least 20-25 % maybe, this boost can bring only advantages and fair play for both nations. Even if u lose, within the same situation, u know u could do better and next time set up some new strategies, in 5 min period u can set up in-game strategies with the party u are facing, game can be changed and turn 180 degrees,but in 2 min, u can only have a very limited options out there and high hopes...i dont know why it feels so awkard for u @GM_Thanos, maybe if u could play inside the event as a player, and see the situation like we are, u could understand the situation more ez, else i dont see why this thing seems so unclear for u... Another thing that can be done, it just came out while i was typing to u and analyzing this whole solutions for a nice BDW, u can change the time for the base monu, for ex: Center monu can be killed anytime during bdw, but the BASE MONU instead cannot be killed less then 4 minutes starting from the begging of the event, so both nations are forced to fight inside the center monu for at least 4 minutes... Again, personally i have nothing to win here, what i do only, is just trying to enjoy the server as much as i can amoung the majority of the players, even that such a few in game active players, u should always remember, and i have no doubts u already know this, but any kind of change/update is bringing joy and animating the whole server...
  12. Yea, i feel you, u have a personal life and ppl out there doesnt give u too much attention so u are searching for some in forums, i get that, u mention my name in most of your posts, i can almost consider u as my fan on this forum....thank u for that and for your attention to details. Second thing here, about this event called BDW, is all came out since the patch with the ebony ingot, and this made this BDW came to this situation, especially to those greedy ppl, who doesnt care about the PK inside, a similar situation it happend with the AFK ppl from FT, careless ppl, so there is NO tactics u can escape from 8 ppl atacking the monu, and destroy it, and u cant do nothing about it, only thing here is trying to keep them away and get some kills, and its just a matter of time ( 1-2 maybe 3-4 minute until his HP is going down to 0). And i trully belive that this forum is made for suggestions and improuve gaming style, its nothing here like a drama, this is how u enjoy gaming here ( for u every change here is a drama, if nikos change something or add something here, is a drama for u?:)) And btw, what could possibly goes wrong if u just boost a little bit the HP and the AC of those monu,the only thing it happends it coz its gonna be harder to kill so more pk inside and war strategy like its suppose to be, since is a war event.....(imagine if u go to lunar war and keeper can die in seconds if only 3-4 sins atacking it ) i really dont get it why it must be so hard to do this, if players inside the game are requesting it, as u may see in this topic and not only, i really dont get it ...but anyway this is my last reply on this topic about this, since its not going anywhere good at....i did my job and try to improuve it, but if it takes so much time and energy wasted on this, it doesnt worth at all to be honest.... As i said in the first post and also in the last post, u can make the center monu respawming instantly right after get killed with same HP and same AC, u can change what ever u want, just change it, i just made a few suggestions,doesnt matter which one u choose or improuve, just do it and make it look like a normal small war event like its suppose to be.....i dont win nothing personally on this @Darakori think u are grown up enough to see further then this....
  13. Mate, u can imagine if u boost the HP and AC of the cristal, ppl that atacking it, cant survive 1 min without dieing, they must die over and over and they might lose by kills, and the karus/human monu is also regenerating, so if its boosted, u cannot kill it without sacrififacing a lot of deaths, so the other nation can win by kills, but at this moment u cant do that, the defenders get kills but not enough to win before the monu die, or at least another solution can be to respawn instantly the center monu right after it dies, so the other nation can try to recapture it as fast as they can.... My dear, @Darakor, i see u are looking for attention my little boy, this its not to make me happy at all, its for the ppl who reply here already and for the community inside the game, which u dont know, coz u most of time in forums more then in game probably. I think u can imagine i wouldnt open a topic for this, if there wasnt enough ppl requesting this, and at least a lot of times happend to me.... Anyway, @GM_Thanos, any change can be good like i said in the first post on this topic, but i think need more speed on this, coz its taking way too much time, to do such a small change....
  14. Mate i dont think u do understand the really matter thats going on inside of this event, if any kind of nation wana win this event, they can simply register with only assasins or only BPs inside the event and go to kill the monu in less then 1 min center monument and less then 1 min max 2 min the karus/human monu, coz of the he HP is LOW means that u dont have time to retake back the center monu if one side choose to go straight to other monu and destroy it, and its more like a mathematical strategy going on here and i will try to be more specific like: Step 1: All the members from a party goes directly to kill center monument and dont care about what kind of opponents they have, kill it in less then 30 seconds coz most of the time both nations are trying to capture it at the begining so they have more controll of the event, at this point whats happening next is: Step 2: Any nation, that captured the center monument, in less then 30 sec, has the chance to go directly to destroy the opposite monu to win the event, coz the center monument is respawming in about 30 sec after it get killed, and by that time u have already took half HP of the opposite side monu, and the other nation doesnt have enough time to retake it back, so they cannot atack the other side monu anymore P.S. : If it happends to you @GM_Thanosto just get into one event, and they tryed to fight, it happend just coz they werent smart enough to communicate to go for same target or they simply didnt want to end that fast without some fight inside....if u are gonna be more time online and i will be online, i will call u in one BDW just to see my point ... As i said at the begging, its not suppose to win an event, called Border Defense War like that, in less then 2 min, without any chance for the opposite nation ...u simply cant do nothing if the opponent nation has more atack power then u and u get some luck also to destroy the center monument ( is like u are rolling the dice, everytime u register, u will pray to have atack power inside the event and take the center monu and thats it)
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