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  1. Dear Knights, First of all, we are sorry for the last 2 months since we cannot take care of server as much as it needs. But we all are human beings and sometimes we face some kind of difficulties about life. Giving more details about these diffucilties will be useless, but we say that we will be dealed with these difficulties soon. As most of you asked on every possible platforms about server re-launch we will answer this: We plan to re-launch approximately at the end of December. Detailed information about beta period, official launch, etc. will be given during the near future. Stay tuned. ProfessionalKO Staff Değerli Şovalyeler, Önelikle son 2 aydır sunucumuza gerekli ilgiyi gösteremediğimiz için özür dileriz. Fakat neticede hepimiz insanız ve bazen hayatın zorlu tarafıyla mücadele etmek zorunda kalıyoruz. Detayına girmeyeceğim ama bu zorluklardan yakın zamanda kurtulacağımızı belirtmek isterim. Çoğunuzun hemen hemen tüm platformlarda sorduğu bir soru olan sunucu sıfırlanması ile ilgili de bilgi vermek isteriz: Aralık sonu gibi sunucumuzu sıfırlamayı planlıyoruz. Beta süreci, resmi açılış süreci vb. ile ilgili daha detaylı bilgileri önümüzdeki zamanlarda veriyor olacağız. Takipte kalınız. ProfessionalKO Yönetimi
  2. Do you have any proof or any explanation that was given by staff? How can you say about New server date?
  3. Hello, We cannot do anything about that since we do not do anything about drops or clan drops. (As a result of our poll)
  4. Hello, Almost everyday as possible as I can, I record some fight scenes to make a video and share it. We are almost done with our 1st year as you said. Even our population is 100 - 200 nowadays, this makes us feel honoured. If there are 100+ people still with us, this means we did something nice for you. First of all, a very big thanks to this community. Maybe this will be a basic answer but we already have boss events almost everyday. CTC and CTF events are more likely boss event for the winning nation. Other than these, making a boss event in LFC/EMC/Moradon will kill server. While you are spendind 6hours/day to be better geared, another one will get 30% of your gears in 2 mins. A drain will help him to get the drop maybe. So, making boss event is not fair for our recent players. Thanks for your suggestions, and a special thanks to everyone who are still with us
  5. Ya 1'dir ya da 0. Bundan daha bilimsel bir yaklaşım yok.
  6. Değil önden yakmalık atmak, Moradon'un tamamını da yaksanız şansınızın artmayacağını söyleyebilirim ama sizi ikna edemem.
  7. Hello, First of all I want you to know that I am really sad for you about burning those items. And I guess you are angry about this. Let me explain: 30% does not mean 3x success in 10x tries. This is chance; all of them could go to +1, none of them could go to +1. Also burning useless/useful items before an upgrade does not increase your chance. So, burning a useless ring before you upgrade a useful ring does not help your success. This is chance; the result is 1 or 0. Out of all these, I do not think there is a problem about upgrade rates different than we wrote; but, I will check again if there is something wrong or not.
  8. There is a new patch and we have fixed this issue. Let me know if you still experience this issue.
  9. Hello, Add both clients as an exclusion to windows defender's exclusions section.
  10. Hello, Here is the looting system which has been tested by staff: 1) You opened the box and while this box is open someone killed you. If there is enough space in your inventory, you can still loot the items. 2) You killed a monster/boss and just after you kill it, someone killed you. You can still open the box and loot the items if you have enough space in your inventory. 3) You killed a monster/boss and just after you kill it, someone killed you. You can still open the box. Even you click on press ok, you can loot them at town; if you have free inventory space.
  11. Merhaba, Windows'a gelen son güncelleme ile birlikte "Windows Defender" uygulamasında bir takım değişiklikler oldu. Bu da oyuna giriş yapmanıza engel olabiliyor. Şu şekilde sorunu çözebilirsiniz: 1) Windows Defender'i açın. Buradan sol kısımda bulunan "Virüs ve tehdit koruması" sekmesine tıklayın. 2) Açılan kısımda "Virüs ve tehdit koruması ayarları" seçeneği altındaki "Ayarları yönet" seçeneğine tıklayın. 3) Buraya tıkladıktan sonra açılan pencerede alt kısma geldiğinizde "Dışlamalar" seçeneğini göreceksiniz. Hemen altındaki "Dışarıda bulunanları ekle veya kaldır" seçeneğine tıklayınız. 4) Açılan pencerede "Bir dışlama ekle" seçeneğine tıklayarak buradan "klasör" olarak devam edin ve sizden klasörün yerini isteyecektir. Oyuna girişte kullandığınız client neredeyse o klasörü seçin ve onaylayın. Sorun giderilmiş olacaktır. Tüm bunlardan sonra halen sorun yaşıyorsanız resmi discord adresimiz üzerinden, PM olarak forum üzerinden bana ulaşabilirsiniz.
  12. Hello, We had changed our town coordinates since there were 500+ people in moradon map for the first 2 months from relaunch. Of course it is possible to bring it back to stairs; however, I am not sure about technically if it conflicts to another issue.
  13. Hello, All new weapons are better than the existing ones compared with respect to their attack powers, some of them have elemental resistances too. If you compare Dark Vane and Garges Dagger, you should focus on the resistances too; since, you will have +80 resistances. If you compare an exceptional raptor with Ascalon, you should focus on the STR bonus on Ascalon too. However; new ones are not added to make useless the old ones. The idea beyond adding them is "Attrack people to PK" as you mentioned. Another idea beyond this is serving you a big variety of weapons. (To be honest, Garges Dagger is still better than Dark Vane )
  14. Hello, If you tell us char name, we can check your case.
  15. Hello, Make sure you have closed all running applications and try again please.
  16. Hello, First of all welcome back. It is impossible to be deleted for any registered e-mail by our system. Also, if you do not remember, sadly we cannot do anything with it since we have a privacy policy for all account's safety.
  17. ID ve şifrenin her ikisi de büyük/küçük harf duyarlıdır.
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