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  1. HURUFBESAR, McDonaldTrump, Dahaga have been jailed.
  2. When do you face with this? After multi-client? After staying more than xx hours? Running multi-client and after xx hours? If you specificy the problem he can help you in a better way.
  3. Hello, As I remember, I had already warned you in-game not to use offensive language 2-3 days ago. GladsBitch will be muted for 24 hours. BE POLITE, ASK KINDLY.
  4. Hello, Monster stones were not stuckable, we did them stuckable. The patch note: http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/2961-14022020-updates-güncellemeler-actualizaciones/ Moster stones were not stored in bank, we did them. The patch note: http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/3071-05042020-updates-güncellemeler-actualizaciones/ We got the tradeble Monster stones suggestion about 3 months ago. But this item is individual for each player who got it.
  5. 3. Bölüm eklenmiştir. Merak ettiğiniz farm slotları ve dropları ile ilgili bu konu altında veya YouTube videomuzun altında yorum olarak belirtebilirsiniz.
  6. I have checked the suggestion section and I found that we have applied 3 of your suggestions. So the words "completely ignored" seems a bit unfair.
  7. You can now use arrow shower and multiple shoot skills to both CZM and Laonbelisk. Fixed.
  8. You can now ontain War certificates automatically when you win the Lunar War.
  9. It is now easier than it was. You can clearly see this on the guide videos episode 3rd which will be uploaded in a couple of hours.
  10. Dear Knights, In our server as you all know, every jobs can hit Ultima until 50% of its HP. After its 50% HP only regardling defence skills work on it. So damages for warrior is 200 (howling sword) and 400 for battlepriest's (helis skill).The skills of sins spike, thrust etc. does not work on it. Same for archers 5+3 combos. As far as we know it is the same situation on the original USKO. When the Ultima's HP is lower than 20%, every job could attack Ultima and they used to deal a damage of 500 on USKO. If you dear knights know anything more about this, can you please share your comments under this topic? Best Regards. ProfessionalKO Staff Değerli Şovalyeler, Bildiğiniz üzere serverimizde Ultima'nın canı %50 altına düşene kadar tüm joblar hasar verebiliyor. %50 altına düştüğünde ise sadece defans gözetmeyen skillerle atack yapabiliyoruz. Warrior için 70 skili howling sword 200, BP için helis skili 400. Asasların spike, thrust gibi skilleri damage çıkarmıyor, aynı durum okçuların 5+3 kombosunda da geçerli, onlar da damage çıkaramıyor. Bildiğimiz, tecrübe ettiğimiz kadarıyla benzer durum USKO'da da söz konusu. Orada da Ultima'nın canı %20 altına indiğinde tüm joblar 500 damage vurabiliyordu. Konu ile ilgili sizlerin de tecrübelerinizi bu başlık altında bizimle paylaşmanızı rica ederiz. Saygılarımızla. ProfessionalKO Yönetimi
  11. So, You want your nickname back on an account that you do not know its log details right?
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