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  1. Hello, We had changed our town coordinates since there were 500+ people in moradon map for the first 2 months from relaunch. Of course it is possible to bring it back to stairs; however, I am not sure about technically if it conflicts to another issue.
  2. Hello, All new weapons are better than the existing ones compared with respect to their attack powers, some of them have elemental resistances too. If you compare Dark Vane and Garges Dagger, you should focus on the resistances too; since, you will have +80 resistances. If you compare an exceptional raptor with Ascalon, you should focus on the STR bonus on Ascalon too. However; new ones are not added to make useless the old ones. The idea beyond adding them is "Attrack people to PK" as you mentioned. Another idea beyond this is serving you a big variety of weapons. (To be honest, Garges Dagger is still better than Dark Vane )
  3. Hello, If you tell us char name, we can check your case.
  4. Hello, Make sure you have closed all running applications and try again please.
  5. Hello, First of all welcome back. It is impossible to be deleted for any registered e-mail by our system. Also, if you do not remember, sadly we cannot do anything with it since we have a privacy policy for all account's safety.
  6. ID ve şifrenin her ikisi de büyük/küçük harf duyarlıdır.
  7. There will not be a new server yet.
  8. Hello, We will try to fix it as administrator said. 75 Kill quest is already supposed to be counted in Colony Zone and Ronark Land. Maybe Lunar Valley and Opposite Nation can be added since CZ/RL is closed during Lunar War. If your party is weak and opposite nation has more AC and attak power, you cannot fight already. Same suggestion about BDW was done 1 month ago and we increased the HP of the monuments, and it worked. Almost everytime while you are being chased you can see people are hitting you from far than you estimated. I do not see anything wrong about this. But if you say Tuke is cheating, please use report section with a proper proof.
  9. Hello, To be honest, we never want any of our players to quit from server, since we are trying to serve them the best and professional game experience. However, we cannot force anyone to keep playing here. This is their choice. If they wish to keep playing, here is the best we have been trying to do so far. If they do not wish to play here anymore, the only thing we can do is telling them good luck for the rest of their life. Out of all these, we pay attention suggestions/feedbacks, polls that are done by staff; even there is only 1 online user.
  10. Hello, We have tested again to make sure again if there is anything wrong with them. But, there is nothing wrong with their upgrades.
  11. No, but healing the Central Artifact was disabled: http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/4983-17072021-updates-güncellemeler/
  12. Thanks for support @mindkrash @Shady77 Do you still experience any problem with login?
  13. Thanks for suggestion mate. For Legendary Tokens maybe in the future, why not?
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