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  1. I want to remove Felankor and Isilon from CZ, Isilon only to spawn in Delos to make CSW more rewarding and do something with Felankors. Want to support mid-level guilds in development by web page, hints on running guild, team work and so on To explain my reason will introduced Casual Loop Diagram as System Thinking tool, it describe system as increase/decreas of variables. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS CASUAL LOOP DIAGRAM!!! (you can add this to your resume too ) You start with by defining "Variables" and then what happend when you increase/decreased those variables. I start with variables Farming, Items, Drop rate and Anvil, check this picture please: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZRs6bwRMvYli_OJG9TS2n6nvwNjXXJHR So system can describe like this: increase in farming, increase items on server ----> more items on server means less farming because more items, principle is reinforcing and interlocking balancing is made by drop rate and anvil On server exist 3 groups of players that generate 3 type of items: Veterans generate end-game items Mid-level players generate mid-level items New players usually don't generate nothing, quest items over time New Players become Mid-level players, Mid-level players become Veterans Based on this 3 group, team and gear check for items generated should be like this: Top Items: Specific Time + Exceptional Teamwork (example: 8+ players on Bifrost for Ultima) Higher gear: Exeptional Teamwork (8+ players) Mid Gear: Small team (2-3 players) Solo play: Solo farming Holding CSW for isilon should be something that top-guilds should aim since is top-tier item, not farming in cz. If you don't want to remove Felankor from CZ then reduce drop rate of rings, if i remember correctly you need dragon marble to access Felankor. TOP gear items shouldn't be available for solo play, but what you can do is support mid-level guilds with offline features: how to run guild support mid-level leadership distribute items, measure performance and contribution discord/team speak server ect my intuition telling me that this server don't have mid-level guild but can be wrong That is my 50 cent, anyway this can generate more creative thinking
  2. Anyway find solution to problem. Problem is related to DirectX and it happens sometimes when you Alt+Tab from game. Solution is - start VLC player (if u have it installed) - reboot PC - game works You can close this post.
  3. Today i join Juraid Mountain, game crush, i relog to game and join Juraid just without party. After Juraid finished some 2-3 minutes later game crushed again and now i have this problem: Game is slow motion, looks like lag / freeze for 1-2 second. When log in, cant go upstairs in moradon. I try to reinstall game and use debug character option. Nothing Any ideas?
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