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  1. as tittle say scroll skill is not working i bough voucher exchanged it and when i put skill on skill bar nothing happening
  2. rital


    yarak var plastic var amcik var meme var
  3. the question is not if im happy i made a shit item +8 is mostly is it normal all burn with trina and succes easier without trina
  4. today i try +7 red chitin i had 4x parts 4x trina and like 5 6x fp +7 i made fp to +8 no trina(wtf 1 %) and all red chitin burn rofl
  5. it should be same for all those even rainbow gob ramdom place/time(even out of bowl) then it give luck to anyone to kill those thing cause we recently saw so many ppl camping raingob at 1location only in bowl also
  6. haha +8 i dont even try but +7 rate with trina sounds kinda bugged
  7. mr emiel can't even make a single +5 sn and say selling working trina and yeah big hunter then give - % XD really i think it is bugged succes cant be less with trina all time
  8. I don't know if only me noticed this but i think trina does not work well for exemple: i upgrade 10 item without trina from +6 to +7 wich is 15 % succes rate (i did this test like 15 20 time before post this) succes is 1/10 sometime 2 now i do the same with trina 10x item from +6 to +7wich is 25 % succes rate i go to 1/10 sometime even 0/10 when it should be mostly arround 3 even 4 can any staff member check this please cause wasting time farming hours and hours +waste money or knight cash for trina wich doesn't work is unfair for player thanks for your attenti
  9. rital


    rofl i dont even get why when u guy want to report someone and see your screenshot doesn't show anything u post it just making waste time of staff and ppl by checking something did not show anything else then you brainless
  10. yeah omg u loose because 2ppl down from wall you come with 2mage pt 2melee pt 1 archer pt and loose to 2.5 ppl party if u had used ur brain to win you would done it how can you loose with 2x more people and say we loose bcz 2ppl down from a wall?
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