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  1. BUYING LIST All set Rogue Red Chitin +7 Eagle Eye +7 Elf Belt +1 Warrior Pendant +1 Pm me here,can't online at the moment taking care babies.
  2. how much price for EE,i dont know the price,new player.
  3. Hi there,i was using auto loot cash on my character while farming at lycan at luferson.GM_Vertigo said i was no respond while his there,but i doubt that because i didnt see any person passing by and the GM_Vertigo chat on me using GM chat and not whisper/pm type.my window chat was scrolled on top,so i didn't get any notice about that.I was able to respon if i've seen any pm or any normal chat on top line character.I do have respon after get disconnected and i whisper the GM_Vertigo straight away to proof i didn't away from keyboard.I hope my very reasonable answer would help to unban my character Kepang.Thanks alot for ur concern sir.
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