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  1. Cuz i respect my clan members no like you that love abandon clan for items also i know that my friend killed you too on vs damon... omg you are proud cuz you lose againts apple?? Maybe you think that my boss apple can kill me jajaja i killed you with buffs sherion +7 chd +6 hero wings ft neck shios and now you want vs with me??? Really go check my acconunt rat, im sorry im not interested next please
  2. Hes sleeping now he has life like me tomorrow i speak with him again
  3. I was speaking with my friend about daggerbroken and he told me that he is a shit of rogue as blackpearl for me same items but i win perfect and he never complain, never pm me like retarded and i respect that also my friend told me that he killed all from your clan on vs thats why they dont respect nothing about pro assasians
  4. Omg what are you doing here??? Sexualna go titan there are many farmers gogo pro player jaja
  5. Nikos , majesty, observer go check speedisback account because this baby doesnt want stop cry(he dont know to make talias )
  6. Sculpy shut up i dont want to speak with rat... go make hb +9 and dual rof +1 and call speedisback for vs
  8. Hey rat speedisback dont have talia , he is normal player also he told me that he killed you many times on vs retarded , i think that you need session for vs you know what your not the best assasian here respect your daddys you are good with mage jajaja go nikos majesty check speedisback account he has full talias jaja
  9. Because TheRealRats come with 2 pt always for kill new clans like ELVES, they dont let farm new players on cz like gladiator ,bozo ,okoles and many rats from their clan. And later they complain from me on forum retarded rats i prefer play here 3-4 hours only because is bored to kill same rats that are not on my level and they know it.
  10. No because thereal plays together on deathmatch easy... only change trina for 350kc and fragment avarice for trina rats
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