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  1. U can always cancel a priest's heal. Also a priest with low mana will always run out of mana. For some bps complete heal will ruin the whole mana. Knight is not a game for fair 1v1... by its nature it is a game of who has better items he's the one to win as well. If u provoke the 1v1 and then run ur a coward. If u provoke the 1v1 and run back and coming back to bring more to help u then ur "suka blyet"... if u know what i mean.... no offend to russian ppl (that dont exist on server :P)
  2. New age era wants ppl that curse to get perma ban. But tbh server is not clean of macroers or bad manners ppl. If u think so ur laughed. If u need new players make a clan to help newcomers instead of trying to prove one another who's the most baba on server. Try to lower prices especially for newcomers, etc... To bring back banned ppl its like accepting your misery.
  3. The farming system is overun by few ppl. The problem is that they wont sell to other players but will keep trying to upgrade with those low rates to become even stronger. Prices are rediculous as well and farm wont help unless u spend hours for at least 1 item... if u find someone selling that as well... SO Imo the problem are the +8 items. Unless u guys dont want balanced fights and u want "easy" wins.
  4. B>Hb+7 send inbox. Will make a good offer as long as there is one to be sold.
  5. O autos


    In game name : 5daysdope , bp half geared lf clan. PM in game or leave a message. (alts Dope , 7daysdope)
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