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  1. Move into a new house and install new Internet connection. This would solve your problem for sure
  2. https://imgur.com/a/cu98UMi MyNameLily still believes that his accounts will save the server.. I'd bet he's preparing something with gladiator to keep the server as it is for the 2 of them If these votes will be taken into consideration...I don't know what to say really!... P.S. Last thing he said was : "votes r coming"... I've missed it into my screenshot
  3. There are not 50 players... 6 months in this game and u can't still count the alts online... 10 that belong to gladiator 10 that belong to that priest that forgot her name and so on. Let Nikos to close the duplicate accounts to see how many INDEED are playing. Votes speak for themselves.
  4. Yes άντε μπας και κάψουμε λίγο χρόνο τώρα που δε μας διορίζουν 5daysdope
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