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  1. Im offering DUAL bdw +1 flame for DUAL +1 poison and can add up some items to the offer.
  2. Well Merchant Tokens could be tradable just like medals , because some of you dont know how to balance prices. Btw i had a pm today for an offer on a ring and a guy told me "ah expensive , merchants tokens are EASY to obtain"... So what, i told him that EASY doesnt mean that they dont have a cost. Instead of putting more hp and str id say making something else like... 3 FT+1 + few gbs to make an IN.
  3. This is an offer made for HB+8 ,otherwise nothing is being sold seperately.
  4. I'm looking for someone to trade me a HB+8 im offering the items below : Power Ring of poison +0 // Chitin Shield +0 // Hanguk +8 // Skeleton Belt+1 // Glacier Erenion+8 // Wings of God. Exce II+8. // Chitin shell warrior Pauldron +8 // BDW ring poison +1 // Leave a message here if interested or send me pm here in forum.
  5. -So far, beginners has no chance to obtain those important items, so they might try checking eslant more often. - - I honestly don't care about beginners - Are u drunk?
  6. Sure... But gamblers wont touch SQ and TALOS again so that newcomers will get a chance... ... Oh no what im talking about... u camp everything that spawns in cz (person or mob) ... U fuked every newcomer by camping their farm and killing them at low hp. Go and die warden or uninstall it this help more the newcomers
  7. https://imgur.com/a/WZF38hh What are these DM are up to? ^^ Do they need to be changed position?
  8. Recently ive seen Iron belt from Chaotic Talos , Warrior earring from Chaotic Harpy Queen. etc...Do u need more to make +1 IN and IB or what? There are also ppl farming egos. Especially with mages... tbh ive seen karus mages farming the human spot. I wont disagree only on changing juraid rewards from monsters a little bit. 1 blue and 1 black gem is not that appealing to make u join a juraid. Imo it would be nice to see juraid weapons to drop even at +1. Since its really easy to find them nowadays with 1-2 hours farm at Vices or from Monster Stones. P.S. First thing u guys need to do is to reconsider the prices on items...
  9. https://imgur.com/a/cGWwpaA When u want to enter MS but still getting denied
  10. Thank god ive saved some bdw coupons at least but can we reforge +1 bdw rings?
  11. B>CS+0 ... leave here message or leave your name to contact you
  12. U can always cancel a priest's heal. Also a priest with low mana will always run out of mana. For some bps complete heal will ruin the whole mana. Knight is not a game for fair 1v1... by its nature it is a game of who has better items he's the one to win as well. If u provoke the 1v1 and then run ur a coward. If u provoke the 1v1 and run back and coming back to bring more to help u then ur "suka blyet"... if u know what i mean.... no offend to russian ppl (that dont exist on server :P)
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