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  1. S> B> 2x Selfname+7 Pm me here or in game k3bab
  2. add for my previous comment, been watching the number of users online has varied from 15 to 50, most of the time around 35. Nobody can call that enjoyable gameplay.. just wipe it and make it great again.. trust me, as the vote result shows, there will be shit loats of players and it will last for a good period of time. Make profko great again k3bab
  3. If u enjoy so much fighting 8vs8, im sure u'd love 8 pts vs 8 pts. After all, wipes are just natural circle of life in private servers. They last what they last and eventually the wipe is a must. And in my eyes, the wipe is necessary now. I had a great time in this server and might give it a shot if wipe takes place. I met alot of great ppl and some of them became my friends outside of KO. Miss you guyz -k3bab
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