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  1. Hi guys i think its time from me to wirte something here, First of all i want to say that i come from mixed marriage family and racisam is not allowed and im not learned to hate someone. Second of all i want to apologise to old proffesional( mjolnir) for being rude and offensive not just that im banned and i have too than i really want to if i knew back then that you will take it as racisam i wouldnt have said it in first place so there it is im sorry mjolnir. Third if i ever insulted anyone i apologise to u too. I dont want to end on this server like this, ive met very good people had good days and bad days here(bad are more formiliar) im asking a second chance from u old proffesional and also from game team GM Majesty and Nikos. If there is none then i wish u all good in future life. Sin_Mladen
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