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  1. Selling list: Minotaur's earring platinium earring flame ring * 2 selfname +7 * 2 Buying Ft neck +1 pm shadows ingame.
  2. i hope u guys won't be like the other clans ( let's not name them). Try to stay for pk after killing felankors and isiloon...
  3. No. i was in clan party. But we went there to check what's happening. We found a bunch of dead koxpers. I know their clan only loves killing farmers and are the biggest runners in cz, but no npt here... just saying what i saw. Cheers
  4. i was there. He killed a bunch of koxpers using auto to farm bus. No npt
  5. As title says: Trading bdw poison for bdw flame/ buying sn+7 pm shadows ingame or reply here
  6. i am playing a battle priest as well. This needs a fix as soon as possible. R skill failling 90% of the time... Up.
  7. as title says. buying priest black chitin set/ sn+7. pm shadows in game
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