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  1. this is by far the funniest post i've ever read on this forum. lmfao!!
  2. why are you lying? he has been in clan for months? no sir . Hate clan is new. it has less than a month and your scammer friend wasn't here since the begining. why should he get anything before members that were here before him? as huan said , sculpy has access to our staff chat and knows we were about to give him glass belt the same day he stole the drop.
  3. hunters/hate are allies. Everyone know this including the scammer you just added to gamblers
  4. this guy actually refused to trade gm_nikos the rof? lol we were about to give him a glass belt today. Good riddance. NgnKtn only engages in flaming since day one he got back on the server.
  5. I use everything in the book to survive in cz , shield heal malice debuff everything and will continue to do so. Some people come and dosturb me while i am farming and expect me not to use my skills/items. lol Make sure to bring 2 or 3 ppl with u otherwise u're just free nps.
  6. good job, u almost had a heart attack there lol. but the secret is out now , we shall all copy it ;)
  7. 95% of assassins are using some sort of cheat. how can a sin, fully debuffed , tank a full str bp with just minor heal without curing? just plain impossible. i won't start name calling, we all know who the cheaters are, they're only fooling themselves.
  8. server ain't gonna restart anytime soon. as sculpy said, we have balanced pk atm and we're having fun. so start showing up or move to another server.
  9. hello nikos, i accidentally sold my dd 20 priest cap +6 to npc.... i would buy another one but activity decreased a bit and i couln't find in merchant. i would appreciate it if i can get it back. Thank you in advance. Ingame nick: shadows
  10. selling lightning erenion +7, lobo staff +7
  11. Nikos, R does fail indeed. Not very frequent , but this ain't happening for other classes (sins, warriors)
  12. My goodness... u guys love drama so much. Constantly flaming one another... sighs.... Disable nation colors already.
  13. Myrella... u guys team up in every single deathmatch. How dare u come here and report anyone? We were the first to suggest to remove nation colors. Cheers.
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