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  1. Do you think nikos should reschedule events like CSW/Clan wars/biforst to suit all the timezones? malaysians and peruvians wich are a big portion of this server can't join these events cuz it's like 3 am on monday for them...
  2. nikos already said there will be no server restart nor a second one. those who are bored here can go play on another server. there are many that just opened with 1k players online. i really don't understand why u keep coming back here to flame. u don't like playing here? move to another server. it's as simple as that.
  3. Server restart will bring back all the server hoppers for sure. But they will quit in a couple of months as usual, and we'll be back exactly to where we are at the moment. Regarding clan wars and csw... Most of our clannies are from Malaysia, they can't wake up at 2 or 3 am to join these events. Instead,, nikos should reschedule them to suit all the timezones, so that a maximum number of players can participate. I will surely never register for clan war if i don't have a proper party.
  4. removing the blinking in csw was a good move. u should try fixing descent/cure/heal at the front gate wich don't work. good job nikos keep it up.
  5. Selling: 3 * HB +7 dark vane +7 rogue BC pauldron/ helmet +7 Buying: Priest BC pauldron +8 Pm shadows/Blitzkrieg/DonHuan
  6. if you change your mind and want Gbs for priest bc pauldron pm me ingame
  7. good job nikos and all the staff. Keep it up !
  8. this is indeed offensive. No need to be a jihadist sheep to feel offended. why choose a nickname that will upset a large number of players in the server? weird mentality.
  9. the stun / chill rate on mages is ridiculous, above 90 %... can't be compared to warrior's scream or leg cut. but i think the slow / stun effect should be decreased alot not removed .
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