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  1. i did not blame you nor acuse you of cheating or getting gm help. i just came across that footage and didn't know what was happening. Anyway if it's just a visual bug nikos will check and close the topic. no need to make a fuss about it.
  2. i don't want to achieve anything nor intend to flame or whatever. I really do not understand how u guys go through the closed gate. not warriors descenting, but rogues priests also . here is another footage from the same angle with gates open and left gate closing from distance at around 6s. So the gate was 100% closed in the first footage
  3. tamam kanka, ty for the advice.
  4. you think we can get 50 kills with 3 parties? or should we bring 4 ?
  5. our next target is 50 kills, with 3 parties this time.
  6. first of all this is not intended to flame or anything. In CSW, the whole gamblers squad was just penetrating every closed gate there was like it was not even there. watch the left gate from the 0 min 16s and onward. what exaclty is this? how do they do it? is it legal @nikos32?
  7. i was suprised we got 28 kills without party cure. not bad imo. see u next clan war :)
  8. try playing with 60 heal , 45 debuff , aura 9 ( res 20 is useful), 12 master. usie hb+7 or ii+8 with fp build, goblin pauldron and pads, the rest are hp. if u have good accessories u'll have around 1900 ap with almost 1k def. this is imo the best build. Parties will add u more if u have party heals and u can also attack if needed.
  9. we know cuz we checked the panel smart boy. if you're bored don't reply and get off the forums. Play fair without abusing bugs pretending they are part of the game. /salam
  10. you were 29 + two other clans attacking only us from behind. so that's 45 mate not 25. why do you lie about the numbers? the mages and archerswe had were almost naked with beginner gear lol.
  11. it was sculpy's request. idk why you include us all. and where did we request nikos to remove it?
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