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  1. Good update. Hopefully its enough
  2. Gamblers actions including yours caused legion to react the way they did. Not letting anyone at all progress in the server made it where all you guys can kill all the atrosses you want. Dont try to say we are at fault, how many times did i ask you guys to stop ganking us while we were doing bosses because ot was causing our guys to lose faith and want to stop playing? Multiple times i told you and you guys all ignored it and kept doing whatever you wanted. So we knew you wanted pk and refuse to give it to you if you guys want to act like that we can too. Now look exactly what i said would happen has happened and you SCULPY have to be non stop crying with your friends. Grow up dude if yall didnt act so immature in the first place you would still have an active server and pk. Gamblers pushed a lot of people away from the server by acting the way they do and you guys wanna blame us? Ha! Funny joke but you were warned well in advance of the consequences of your actions and look here we are with a 3/4 empty server no pk and empire still greedy as all hell. Enjoy the atrosses bro cus it looks like everyone else has checked up outta here including your clan mr babashopper sculpy. Id be salty too if i paid $70 for a heartbreaker +8 and never got to use it then the server died two weeks later. Hahaha GG
  3. And for your information our clan is doing just fine without your input. Thanks anyways.
  4. Our clan doesnt sell any clan drops from felankor isi or ulti so try again with that. We have geared many people as well including several in your clan. Kk thx bye
  5. We can handle ultima just fine by ourselves just like we did last night. Allstars is our ally and has been for a long time. Currently the only boss drop agreement we have is for felankor. Thank you for your insight though.
  6. Its useless. The isi there drops nothing. We killed it for Two weeks straight and not even a bronze belt dropped. Between the taxes and the isi gbs its about 35-50gbs a week. Our clan can farm that in a day without trying. Csw takes too much organization and too many people to take it from gamblers. We have all openly admitted defeat by gamblers and accept the fact that you guys are much too over powered and organized for us to win. So yes any events added to the CSW will only further benefit gamblers. So if nikos wishes to make you guys stronger then by all means add an event. I can promise you though we will not show up and give you the pk you so desperatly desire because the effort is not worth the reward with what it takes to beat u guys and the manpower just isnt here. Thanks but no thanks. Like i said hang gamblers flag permanently there and shut the csw down. Let them have the castle because no other clan or alliance stands a fighting chance against you guys. Just like cz, you guys wanna outnumber us 2-1 every time we fight so we dont even bother if empire clan decides to come to cz we just let you fight the atrosses and kill time till you leave and we will keep doing that because there is litterally no point in even trying to fight you guys. Just like i told you weeks ago that it was pointless for you guys to NT because you still will not find pk because our group is not what it used to be. We are a small clan of friends just trying to enjoy the game together. Empire just wants more and more for themselves without letting the rest of the server even have a chance to compete. Why do you guys think the server population is so low?? People are tired of empire ruling everything and noobies dont stand a chance in hell on this server so why would they stay? GG empire, like i said before you guys won now go to cz and fight the atrosses and get you some NP
  7. And trust me sculpy, csw has always and will always be my favorite event on any server. I have done probably over 1000 of them in my time. It really disappoints me that no clan here or even group of allies can get enough active players on for the csw to take it from empire.
  8. Csw isnt fun anymore lol. 30 gamblers and 6 legion thats a real fun fight m8 rather just let you guys have it and keep cz open for that hour instead. We know that isi sucks here and dont really bother. Everyone knows if you want items ultima and felankor are where its at and hell nobody been bothering with ultima either because it takes too many people to farm the gems and kill him with the servers current status. Empire is the only clan organized with enough active people from the same time zone to handle events like this that require many people. My clan has 36 active members however with the time zone so spread out its very rare that we have 16+ online. You saw and participated in the csw's i organised and it took half the server to even be competitive with gamblers. Now days theres 75% less people playing actively and about 10 of them excluding gamblers are actually interested in CSW. My vote is staying at shut it down and hang empires flag permanently there. You guys have won this server just accept it already lol
  9. i vote to just close the csw all together and let gamblers keep the castle. nobody is interested in csw anymore, gamblers obviously needs the items more than anyone else so let them have it
  10. i agree there needs to be some changes, the anvil only breaks items so it makes certain items unobtainable,and the boss drop rates are so low its rediculas.my clan alone has killed hundreds of SQ and Talos and we have only dropped two glass belts and one iron and only one of those was from a regular talos the others were chaotic talos and chaotic SQ. its very very hard for players to get decent pk items even with a full clan helping, we have like 3 iron necks in our whole clan that were drops, thats bad for a clan thats been here since the first day of the server so if its that hard for a clan like ours to get gear imagine another smaller clan... everyone needs to have a chance at getting good items or they wont want to stay. nobody likes to trade items here like other servers they only want to sell for gbs which to me are useless. and we definitely need to work on something for new players, a player driven item rental service would be cool, we could charge a small fee to rent our own items out for a set period of time ive got gear i would keep on the rental all year just for others to use. This server has a huge problem with people getting "fully geared" then going afk totally from the game and very rarely logging in. im not sure why this is as when your geared is the most fun times to pk and the pk is what this game is all about, something needs to keep these players attention and keep them playing. Advertise advertise advertise bring some new players to this server. those vote to rank websites do not work at all period to bring people in. gotta get more creative than that brother, staff needs to take initiative as well not just nikos. theres lots of things your "gm's" could be doing to keep players interested in the server but the fact is we rarely see the gm's online. a total wipe should be out of the question as it would make a lot of current players not want to play and these are your most loyal players that are here now, it would be wise to keep them for the sake of the server .
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