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  2. you are not being neutral you are being a dictator. i didnt realise this was north korea we were playing in and we have to bow to your every whim SIR MAJESTY. this reason is bull and you know it just like binweezys reason was and you ran another great player off there. why would you follow with that and keep making that same mistake? and you can ban me as many times as you like on the forums you and me both know that only works for about 30 seconds.
  3. and theres that pride thing again. so what if he says he wants to play another game? how does that badly affect you if he does or not if the end result is a ban either way simply for expressing interest in playing another game. you arent going to keep many people treating them this way. people have a right to an opinion and to play any game that they wish without fear of being banned here because you disagree with them playing another game. do you know how silly of a reason this is for banning someone? your reasons have changed several times since the initial ban too. do you even know why you banned him? unban him dude set your pride aside and admit you were wrong too. i know i was.
  4. he never bad mouthed the server. he simply said he was going to another server. he did not say anything negative about the server. you cant just ban everyone who expresses interest in playing other games too. we arent locked to here only when we sign up dude. people have bad days and get into arguments. just because he mentioned the server being slow at the moment is not a reason for a permanent ban. you are wrong bro. and the difference between me and you is im not afraid to admit i was wrong.
  5. Haun i would assume is DonHaun ingame? i have no clue who he is but compare his ip to sinisters forum account. that was not sinister who said those things about geeks family. you told me ingame that you banned sinister for talking bad about geeks family, that you didnt mind the flaming each other but when he said something about the family you did mind. which i understand, however that was NOT sinister that said those things about his family. sinister only said what was said ingame as he doesnt use the forums anymore. nikos posted his chat log and i dont have access to ours only nikos does, nowhere in the rules does it state a player cannot express interest in going to play another server or game. a permanent ban is too severe for simply getting in an argument with another player over a game. arguments happen in games and if you keep banning people for them you will be left with nobody to play and the server already suffers population issues. you are trying to perma ban one of our most active and loyal players because he had a disagreement with another player.
  6. @Majesty you are letting your pride control you yet again. Sinister did get into an argument with geek yes. he did not say anything on the forums nor about geeks family. he did mention going to play a different server but nowhere in the rules does it state that saying you want to play another server is illegal. it says advertising another server is against the rules but thats not what he did.
  7. t Sinister wasnt even on the forums and hasnt been in months! where is your proof of this??? he doesnt come here because its all drama. and since when is it illegal for someone to voice their opinion about a server? he wasnt advertising any server and didnt break any rule. you are wrong majesty. the player Haun on forums is not sinister i dont know why you think sinister said something bad about geeks family but he did not. the only things he said was what nikos posted in the chat log. understood?
  8. i did not start this topic to argue with you, you do not need to be in the middle of everything bro.
  9. just here to stir up more crap huh? i swear thats all you guys like is drama drama drama always want to provoke someone into an argument then cry for a ban when they lash back at you. pathetic just like the rest.
  10. Geek is free silly look at the banned users. #unbansinisterwar
  11. Idk where to start with this one, sinisterwar does have an attitude problem yes. He is hotheaded and got into an argument with geek a few days ago. Not uncommon for either of them to get into it especially with each other. Now yes sinister did say he was going to play another server but i dont understand why that resulted in a permanent ban. When i spoke with majesty he told me the reason he banned sinister was due to sinister talking crap on geeks sister which we can see in the chat logs clearly didnt happen and it was Haun on forums that did that. It is clear sinister loves this server as he has given many people here plenty of gear and helped every time he could. Everyone makes mistakes and he knows his attitude was wrong, they both were wrong. Neither of them deserve a permanent ban for arguing or saying he would be on another server. Why is it we are banning people especially ones that have been here since the beginning for saying they will try another server? Nowhere in the rules does it say we arent allowed to even talk about leaving or we will be forced to leave i dont think anyone would play here if it clearly stated that on the panel. Sinister has done his time peacefully and has stayed out of the drama. I think hes been punished enough for a sily argument that shouldnt have happened in the first place. Thanks for the consideration.
  12. Impossible for these guys it seems. Ive been nothing but nice to them and they still continue to cuss and be rude lol. Still havent cussed at them one time and i wont let anyone here get me to that point. You guys are pretty good at showing your maturity levels.
  13. they should be given another chance after they have some time to cool down. i think they both understand they were wrong as do me and majesty. both geek and sinister are good people they just have short tempers.
  14. unfortunatly i cant nor would i. your ban is for 3 days and its not been 3 days
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