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  1. Indeed, but i felt some hypocrisy in his apology, and this post just confirms my thoughts.
  2. I think you just forgot that u gave back the rof u scammed 😂
  3. I can go in this deeper and show you the rest of the staff chat, but why the heck would i do this? A wise man said once; don't waste your time putting forward good faith arguments to people with bad faith. Im done about this subject.
  4. Show this to your little spy scammer, we can teach you some manners. You can clearly see the same pic chucky posted on the report. So gamblers i advice you to stop this, because you are only making yourself looking so silly https://ibb.co/tqV3vjr
  5. Im i dreaming or what? I totally lost the 1% respect left for you Gamblers. You are perhaps good players, but one thing is sure you are brainless. When you help a player with gear, this does not make him your slave, we also geared players that chose to leave the clan later, they are free to do so because they earned those items by helping the clan at that moment.
  6. There is no alliance with rememberme to kill felas that im aware of, if you see them attacking with us they are probably trying to ks. It was funny pk tonight gamblers and hate attacking felankor and not caring about the human's party around, at the end we got what we deserve for being greedy 😂 And as for the drama, players here seem to like that, so keep the drama going, im starting to enjoy it aswell.
  7. We are Hunters hunting Haters fathunter, enjoy ur stay pappy.
  8. U r not Sheitan, you are just a fat guy who cant even cum for sure😂
  9. Do you have poop in ur brain? We are talking about clan drop, not chucky here
  10. As i said we already voted for him to get the glass belt, we have discord chat proofs before the incident happens, and sculpy can confirm this as he can check staff chat aswell. And again hunters and Hate are the same clan, if we dont get our rof back then im perosnally disbanding hunters and leaving hate aswell, but i trust nikos to do the right thing. And dont make me insult ya u fathunter, drama has some rules, you should go back to pubg u little snake 😂
  11. You are not Smart enough to understund that im provoking you only so that u come back to game 😏
  12. We all voted for him today on discord, he was getting the glass belt we got from ultima yestersay. Glad we didnt trade it to him
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