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  1. The problem is, people who are already geared buy all the hb+7 in market and burn them in anvil trying to make +8. So my advice to u is try to get some bluechests, if you're lucky u can get a hb, and make it +6 for now using 2 trinas.
  2. Hello everyone, Im thinking of making a new clan for bosses hunting (felankors isiloon...). Espacially for new players, since begginers are really having a hard time to cope with all the geared chars. The principle is simple: what ever is droped, all the party members and people that helped get their instant share. There will be no wait for ur turn bullshit as some clan do. I think doing that will bring more and more people to the server, and everyone can have a chance to get a decent gear for more active PK. We are 4 active players now, orc side. Peace out.
  3. For the real interested people, in order to save u some time, the current offer is 170 gbs.
  4. Taking serious offers, pm DonHuan or Cowboy in game. Peace
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